The must-have iPhone apps for anyone working from home

A productive atmosphere in the office can do wonders for perfectly achieving goals and tasks and motivating you. However, when working remotely, the lack of a professional environment can make the lines between your work and home life blurred or even non-existent.

Working remotely may give you more control over your work tasks, but the extra freedom can also come with drawbacks related to group communication, time management, and even security. Fortunately, these iPhone apps can help you continue to perform well even when you are working at home.

The must-have iPhone apps for anyone working from home - iOS

1. Google Keep

The must-have iPhone apps for anyone working from home - iOS

Google Keep is a great app for people who are looking for a simple way to keep their short to medium term tasks in order. Keep is ideal for remote workers who need to put their ideas on screen. The app allows you to break down a larger task into smaller actions such as text, audio, or image notes across multiple platforms.

Beyond organizing your lists, Google Keep integrates with a wide range of Google products and works across various devices you might use during your work day remotely. Google Keep is not only useful for individuals. The collaboration tools it offers make it an unbeatable choice for those tasks that require all hands on the surface. Check out the best Google Keep Notes tips and tricks to stay organized.

Download: Google Keep (Free)

2. Trello

The must-have iPhone apps for anyone working from home - iOS

For those projects from home that require a more comprehensive toolkit of features, Trello is the way to go. Using the application’s Kanban architecture, you will see how Trello’s visual approach to project management allows you to tackle any task of any size.

The panels, representing the main proprietors of the project, include both lists and cards. Lists are the repositories where you might want to throw your specific tasks. The cards are executable tasks.

Apart from this, Trello has the standard features and tools that you would expect from any respectable project management app. This includes reminders, labels, file support, collaboration tools, and cross-platform integration. There’s a reason Trello is the industry standard for project management, and why it should be part of your remote work arsenal. Check out 8 useful tricks to make managing Trello cards easier

Download: Trello (Free, in-app purchases available)


The must-have iPhone apps for anyone working from home - iOS

IFTTT (If This, That) is your gateway to a more automated workflow. It allows applications to work together in ways that they cannot do with what they provide.

IFTTT works on the actions of what it calls a service. they are other web-based applications or software that IFTTT can interact with; Every action is called a trigger. For example, when you receive an email with an attachment from a specific recipient, IFTTT can tell Dropbox to save the attachment to a specific folder.

IFTTT widgets, as they are called, can be as simple or as complex as you like. Use it wisely to reduce the menial chores of your long workday.

Download: IFTTT (Free, subscription available)

4. TimeCamp

The must-have iPhone apps for anyone working from home - iOS

With TimeCamp’s clear and curated feel, it might surprise you how much hole this app packs. With one click, you can let TimeCamp take charge and track your time. Similar to Trello, you can break your work down into smaller tasks and keep track of how long it takes to finish the different parts of your project.

The project manager can get a comprehensive view of the time you spend on these tasks thanks to the automated time report. Gone are the days of vague timelines or various imperfect means of calculating your time.

Like almost all the apps here, TimeCamp works across platforms. It also integrates with over 100 third-party apps. TimeCamp integrates itself into your remote work life, not the other way around.

Download: TimeCamp (Free, subscription available)

5. Bitwarden

The must-have iPhone apps for anyone working from home - iOS

Bitwarden is an excellent free and open source application for your password management needs. Bitwarden protects your credentials across multiple platforms with standard endpoint encryption and hashing.

Besides your passwords, Bitwarden also supports other secure note storage. In the spirit of the app’s complete transparency, Bitwarden is quite vocal about its security capabilities and hosts its entire code on GitHub. Bitwarden may lack full offline support, but its ability to work on both mobile and desktop platforms for free makes up for it.

Multiple forms of authentication, cloud sync, and the ability to self-host Bitwarden on your own server make it the number one password manager for staying secure while working remotely.

Download: Bitwarden (Free, subscription available)

6. Freedom

The must-have iPhone apps for anyone working from home - iOS

When working remotely, distractions abound. And when you work every day on a machine that has most of these distractions, you may need outside help.

Freedom differs from other blocker apps market by working simultaneously across different devices that you may use. Not only can you prevent distractions on your iPhone; You can even do this on a desktop computer. What is the use of an app that prevents you from accessing Facebook on PC, but allows you to do so on your iPhone?

Freedom works by letting you create a blacklist of apps and websites that run through a separate VPN, blocking your access to them for a set period. Some have linked Freedom to their existing productivity routine, including the Pomodoro, to reap additional benefits in their work habits. Check out the best ways to focus while working from home and avoid distractions.

Download: Freedom (Free, subscription available)

7. Headspace

The must-have iPhone apps for anyone working from home - iOS

Telecommuting can cause stress — When you work away from your co-workers and your normal environment, your work routine can be disrupted and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the end of the day.

Headspace helps in such situations. It brings meditation and mindful breathing exercises to novice practitioners looking to incorporate these healthy habits into their daily routine.

The simple user interface and accessible architecture allow a quick escape to a quieter environment or can help you find an outlet for a particular stork. Headspace understands that breathing and stillness aren’t the only paths to wellness; With motion mode, Headspace lets you get out of your chair with short stretches and workouts suitable for the office at home.

While the basic trial is free, paying for a subscription allows you to unlock more sessions and packages. You can also check out the best easy meditation apps and tools for beginners to learn mindfulness.

Download: Headspace (Free, subscription available)

Work smarter and safer at home

The iPhone apps covered above are essential parts of your toolkit for a smoother remote working environment. With these premium apps, you’ll be on the way to a more productive remote work routine that maintains your professional health and personal wellness. Check out the best essential Android apps for working from home if you own an Android device.

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