The motorcycle dog, this is the most beautiful viral of TikTok

The motorcycle dog TikTok viral

Despite what hundreds of social media experts say: “To be able to succeed on TikTok it is necessary to create good content”, the video app continues to show everyone that even the simplest idea can attract attention, because this is what happens with “The motorcycle dog.”

The viral, to which thousands of people have joined in Spain, Argentina, Chile and other Spanish-speaking countries, has as its objective only one thing, what thing? Show the whole world that “The dog is man’s best friend”.

The motorcycle dog, the first viral of TikTok where dogs are the protagonists

Unlike other virals that have been seen on TikTok, such as the summer viral, here the real protagonists are the “four-legged furry “. And to tell the truth, there is nothing better than open the TikTok app and find a beautiful puppy in section “For you”.

If you don’t know what we are talking about, let us explain what this viral is about: those people who have dogs put some kind of clothing on it to attract attention.


With the soccer jersey you triumph 😎 #fyp #humor #motociclon #emosion #dog

♬ original sound – Sergiiio🐨

Following that, they begin to say these words: “What a beautiful day to go out on a motorcycle, I stopped feeling excited, I didn’t even start the motorcycle … it’s the motorcycle dog.” But what is most striking are the helmeted dogs ready for a ride on the motorcycle of their owners.

How to make the motorcycle dog viral on TikTok?

Motorcycle dog TikTok

Fortunately, in this viral it is not necessary to use filters or do dances, since it is done in a way “Homemade”. You just have to put a helmet on your dog, and say those words that we show you above.

On the other hand, not everyone has followed the same line as the original video of the motorcycle dog, because others have had the ingenuity to change the subject completely, how? Dressing your dogs from doctors, athletes and other professions (the doctor dog, the paracetamol dog, the gamer dog, etc.).

With nothing more to add on the subject, we invite you to take a look at the viral dance that everyone is doing on TikTok.