The most important thing that children can benefit from through the game Township

Games are not only for entertainment, but an effective way to inculcate positive concepts and good habits in children if we use them well and do our role as parents in completing the missing circle, but of course I do not mean here all games, some of those games plant the seeds of violence in children unfortunately, especially fighting games and gangs, but I I mean another type of games that if we look closely, we will find that they are based on beautiful and useful principles.

Today we will talk about the Township game, which is similar to the Happy Farm game in the idea, but it is more extensive. This game requires you to run the small town and move it from just a small village that grows some wheat until you reach it to a city full of residents and multiple residential facilities, a city that plants, manufactures and its members cooperate In achieving prosperity for their town, as it is a city that exports raw materials and manufactures to other cities and exchanges trade with them through well-known means of transportation.

The most important thing that children can benefit from through the game Township - Games

This beautiful game is available for Android devices as well as for IOS and it is also available within the Facebook network. Today we will talk about this game and its usefulness to instill some positive and useful meanings and concepts in the child’s mind, but it is not only fun and useful for children, but also for adults as it helps you to plan better Good management and other things we will learn about through this article.

Introduction about the game

When you start playing this game, you will have a plot of land and some simple dwellings, and you are required to start placing wheat seeds in that land, that wheat that is necessary later to make fodder, that fodder necessary to feed the cows and then chickens and sheep, that milk that is important for making cheese, and so you begin The chain is expanding more and more, and you begin to expand in agricultural lands and expand in factories, those factories that require labor, so you must build housing and public facilities to bring those people working in those factories.

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The matter expands and you start exporting and importing, because you need raw materials that you do not have, and this is done by train at first, then the matter expands to other means of transportation, and you also have a small helicopter to serve the city’s residents and deliver goods and materials to homes and then earn points and money (Virtual), and thus the game expands and the city expands and the pace of building and construction increases, agriculture, industry, import and export, and you become more addicted to it day by day until it is difficult for you to leave it.

1) Understanding life

The game attempts to simulate public life, the basics of life that each child learns gradually with the passing of his life, work and production, buying and selling, commercial exchanges, how a person manages his conditions, how to live and form cooperative societies in which each person plays a certain role, these things help the child An understanding of life from a young age.

In the game, you need some raw materials like bricks and equipment in order to build public facilities, those materials come to you via the train from outside the town, but you have to send the train loaded with local goods as a kind of exchange in order for the train to return with materials that you don’t produce in town. What do you have to give in order to receive, this is the concept that can be implanted in the mind of the child and young man while he is playing this game, to realize that he must specialize and give in one field in order to take what he needs in this life.

2) work spirit

You don’t actually work in the game, but it’s a simulation of working in real life. If you don’t plant the seeds, you won’t reap grains and fruits, and therefore the grain factories and livestock farms will stop, and you won’t produce anything and you won’t get materials from outside the town to build and build, it’s A good entrance to teach the child that work is essential in life, work leads you to the goals and ambitions that you want, and without it, life will not be straight

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3) Don’t be in a hurry

At the beginning of the game, you are given some virtual money through which you buy seeds and buildings and develop and develop the city’s facilities, and every building, cultivation or development process requires time that varies from one work to another and may reach several hours until that work is completed, but there is an option to speed up In the process of building and reaching the goal directly in exchange for paying some virtual cash that you have.

My ten-year-old son had lost all the virtual money in the game and no longer had enough to run the town, and the reason for that was the rush to pick the fruits, of course there is an option to buy that money for real money that you pay from your pocket to get what you want, The important thing is that I invested that opportunity to give him a lesson in life about patience and deliberation, that things must take their time to mature and sweeten. Goals and dreams need time to be achieved, and we should not rush, work hard and approach each day a step forward towards achieving our dreams.

The most important thing that children can benefit from through the game Township - Games

4) Aesthetic sense

You are the one who controls your city, in its arrangement and organization, you can visit green spaces, pave streets and arrange buildings in organized groups. It is even more beautiful when parents and children participate in this game and each one tries to beautify and organize his city to add an element of competition.

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When I started noticing my son playing this game, I found that his city was completely unordered, so I alerted him to this issue and told him that I wanted to see his city the next day, which was organized and tidy, and I wanted to see his ability and creativity in organizing and beautifying the city, and this was a motivating matter for him to work Diligent to improve the aesthetic face of the city within the game.

5) Planning and management

At the beginning of the game things are easy, some agricultural crops and some products, but with the progress in the game things become more complex, the quality of crops increases, animal farms and factories increase, as well as internal and external demands, and you must plan well and know what you want to plant to cover the needs, because even the granary The fruits are limited and when they are full you will fall into the problem of storing the crop, it is a kind of management of the available resources

With the indirect help of parents, the child can learn to plan and take the right steps at the right time in order to keep the city growing and prospering. To choose the most appropriate option according to the stage from among the many options that may be available and open to him.

In the last …

Without the element of support from the parents, these games will not have great benefits. The vaccination of positive concepts in the child’s life is required by parents in smart ways, including games, and the participation of parents with their children in their play and fun is very important for a proper upbringing and correct upbringing, especially in this era. In which we live, the age of each one to his condition above his device.

Download the game on your Android device.

Download the game to your iPhone.

Play the game through Facebook.

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