The latest in internet language! What is “UWU” and what does it mean?

What does the UWU emote mean and how is it used on the Internet?

Surely you’ve heard it everywhere, and you keep wondering what the hell does it mean and why has it become so popular on the Internet in recent years. Well, we are here to answer your questions!

“Uwu” is the representation in text of a cute and happy face. It does not have a meaning beyond being something similar to an “emoji” for platforms that do not support graphic emoticons, but it does a lot of crumb to get out of it regarding its use. We will tell you everything in this article.

What does the emoji “uwu” mean?

“Uwu” (which can also be written “UwU” or “UWU” is an emoji, as we have already said, that represents a happy face. The two “U” are closed eyes and the “W” an adorable mouth, all together forming a face more or less like this:

How the UWU emoji is used on the Internet and what does it mean

As you can see, it is very popular in the manganimeTherefore, it is the young people who are fond of these things who use the «uwu» the most. It is especially common for girls to use it, for that tender and even childish feeling that evokes.

In fact, even the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) has ruled on the meaning of «uwu»: «The sequence of characters uwu It is an emoticon that is used to express happiness or tenderness.

The correct way to use the uwu emoticon

Simply by observing the thousands of usage examples spread over the Internet at this point, we can say that the most common way to use the “uwu” is at the end of a sentence.

Eye! This is not to say that it cannot be used in the middle of a message. In the end, it works the same than an emoticon, and these can go anywhere in the message.

The correct uses of uwu in chat messages

And, like the rest of emoticons, its function is to avoid misunderstandings by giving it a softer or gentler tone to the message. As there is no non-verbal communication through chat, emoticons or faces such as “uwu” are used to give some connotations or others to an apparently neutral message:

How emojis like UWU affect the meaning of a text message on chat or in a forum

Depending on the context, “uwu” can convey happiness, joy, tenderness, innocence, hope, honey… In general, it is an emoji with a meaning very positiveSo don’t worry if someone texts you with “uwu.”

Finally, it should be mentioned that even if it is an emote exclusively visual, speakers have no barriers and it is not uncommon for young people to say “uwu” out loud. How do you pronounce this? Very easy! “Uwu” is pronounced / úgu / in the spoken language, or also / úbu /.

The origin of the uwu face

The «uwu» began to be used in Internet chats in which graphical emojis could not be used lifelong. More concretely, it began to be used in Japan, since their way of writing favored the idea of ​​using letters of the Latin alphabet to form emojis.

In fact, this is nothing new in Japanese culture. The “henohenomoheji»Japanese is exactly the same, a face formed from linguistic characters, in this case the Japanese Hiragana alphabet.

UWU is an emoji made up of letters to express emotions in text messages

Emoticons such as “uu”, “>. <" Or "uwu" began to be used in Japanese, Korean and Chinese chats at the same speed that new ones were being invented, modifying the eyes or the mouth with different letters. The possibilities are almost endless!

Yes OK its exact origin is unknown, the first record of «uwu» that is still published today is an anime fanfic from 2005. In 2014 it had already spread through the Tumblr social network. Yet it is becoming such a great phenomenon that official Twitter account or even that of US Army eSports tweeted, in 2018 and 2020 respectively, using this emoticon.

Official Tweets using uwu as a form of expression by text such as an emoji or an emoticon

More emoticons similar to uwu

These Japanese emotes, which are distinguished from Westerners by their horizontal orientation (while our lifelong emoticons read vertically), they are called kaomoji. And of course “uwu” is not the only one.

  • owo: expresses neutrality or surprise, is the same as “uwu” but with open eyes.
  • 7w7: the eyes are narrowed or looking sideways, so it serves to express mischief.
  • ¬w¬: a somewhat older version of the previous one, since the character «¬» is easier to find on a computer than on a mobile keyboard.
  • úwù and ùwú: You can add eyebrows to the “uwu” using the accents on the keyboard, causing a sadder and more pleading expression or with more determination.
  • uvu: a variant of «uwu» in which the mouth, instead of imitating that of a kitten, imitates a beak or tries to resemble that of a person more, without double curve.
  • unu: a “uwu” pouting.
  • > w <: a face with its eyes tightly closed, usually in response to something adorable.
  • qwq: an emoji that represents a face crying with happiness or tenderness.

How to use UWU in a WhatsApp chat

Uwu in Internet culture these days

Today, the «uwu» is so well known that used by many internet subcultures with its own connotations and meanings. It should be noted that its meaning has made it especially integrated into the Kawaii aesthetic, very popular among cartoonists. It is not uncommon to see it in memes or in WhatsApp stickers.

It started in Japanese chats and forums, soon it reached the English language and is now the most common in the Spanish language.

However, the “uwu” phenomenon goes beyond computer and mobile screens. Internationally famous artists like Doja Cat, Chevy or Trashu have used this reference to Internet culture as song titles:

At the end of the day, the fun of the Internet is to evolve and create our own language, for example, inventing new ways of give a more human dimension to a simple text message. Just like Facebook invented emojis with sound!

Never lie down without knowing one more thing. Now, when they add a face similar to “uwu” to the list of new emojis for 2021, you will know what it refers to. There are many users who are sure that they will design it soon.

What do you think? uwu