The iPod Shuffle has made a comeback after TikTok turned it into a trendy accessory.

Back almost 20 years ago, Apple gave birth to the music player that was considered a hit at the time, the iPod Shuffle. Where did it go? Must have seen someone pin it to the hem of the shirt, some pants ..etc. Before the company ended its role in 2017 or 5 years ago, but recently, it seems like the iPod Shuffle will be back in trend again. After having more TikTokers, it’s back to being a trend again. This time, besides being a music player It is also used as a cool and beautiful accessory.

where creatives in the world of TikTok have reincarnated iPod Shuffle to come back up and play a role in society again By using it as a pretty cool hair clip, including listening to music with wired headphones, which is considered (using wired headphones) is another trend that is coming back to hit again. Because many people are starting to get bored or think that using True Wireless headphones is too old. Everywhere you look, there are people using them.

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The very first clip that made the iPod Shuffle burst into flames. Coming from a TikTok user with a username @sailorkiki, this girl uses a colorful iPod Shuffle to make a beautiful hair clip. Currently, the clip has more than 2 million views. Almost 350,000 likes, but it’s frustrating that she has tagged the iPod Shuffle as an iPod Nano.

@sailorkiki My new favorite accessory #ipodnano #JBLGreekOut #alphit ♬ Wet Dream – Wet Leg

In addition to being used as a hair clip Creatives on TikTok also made fun of what an iPod Shuffle was. Of course, there are many TikTok users who are starting to get old. They were all head over heels and murmured as to why they didn’t even know the iPod Shuffle… anyway. This is considered another trend that TikTok users together to create smiles for other humans to have smiles on their faces. Including secretly making some adults secretly reminisce about the old days as well.

As I said at the outset, Apple has decided to end its commercial role. iPod Shuffle It was officially released in 2017, making it now counting the fingers. It’s been 5 years since this eyebrow-shaped music player disappeared from the shelves of various IT stores, but not sure enough. back to this current Should there be a cabinet shop in our house or some online stores based on Shopee, Lazada, etc., bring it back to sell?