The fast, simple and free VPN solution!

VeeamPN is a free solution offered by well-known backup company Veeam.

The goal of VeeamPN is to be able to offer free the establishment of a secure site to site and also the implementation of a VPN solution for working from home or from anywhere.

Here is a tutorial to install and configure your VeeamPN server step by step.

What is VeeamPn for?

VeeamPN is a system that can be installed manually on an Ubuntu system or you can download the server as an OVA.

The OVA is a template for creating your VeeamPN virtual server in a pre-configured way. This format is used for VMWARE or VIRTUAL BOX.

The goal of VeeamPN is to create a VPN server as well as the clients. Customers can therefore be connected to the company from their home or outside. It is exactly the same principle that the VPN implemented with a QNAP NAS. We can therefore completely set up this solution for teleworking within a company.

VeeamPN goes further, however, as it is capable ofinterconnect different sites between them. For example the Rennes site with Paris and Bordeaux.

The solution is based on Wireguard which is very efficient in terms of flow and stability. Wireguard is the next generation of VPN system. Linux will also integrate it in its next kernel proof that this solution is reliable. Finally Wireguard is a free and OpenSource solution!

It can therefore be easily compared to OpenVPN.

speed comparison between wiregard and openvpn

It is not only on the speed that Wireguard is better, it is also better on the ping:

ping wiregard vs openvpn

Installation from the Ova

Installation with an Ova file is the one recommended by Veeam. The Ova file is a “template” of a VeeamPn server preconfigured for the VMWARE or Virtualbox hypervisor.

The goal is to import this template file to deploy the server quickly since the hard drive, ram, processor and network card will be configured automatically. VeeamPn is thus pre-installed.

To download VeeamPn you must log in with your Veeam customer account then on the following page:

VeeamPn download page

On VMWARE you must create a new virtual machine then choose “Deploy Ovf Template” and choose the Ova file

On VirtualBox you must do file and then import a virtual machine.

Installation from OVA file is not possible with Hyper-V virtualization solution

Once installed follow the steps below to configure your server and clients.

Installation on an Ubuntu VM

Please note the installation on a UBUNTU VM and theHyper-V hypervisor is not officially supported by VEEAM. However, I managed to get it to work flawlessly with the Windows virtualization tool.


The prerequisites are very light here is what you need:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 (server or desktop)
  • 1 vCPU (Minimum)
  • 1 GB RAM (Minimum)
  • 16 GB of disk space
  • Nat ports so that your machine is accessible from the outside.


Installation on an Ubuntu VM allows VeeamPN to run on different hypervisors.

For my part I managed to run it on VirtualBox and on Hyper-V.

You must therefore first have installed the Ubuntu system (version 18.04) on your virtual server.

“button / link to download ubuntu”

Then we have to enter different command lines to proceed with the installation.

Let’s switch to “super user” mode:

sudo su

Then we add the Veeam repository to install VeeamPn:

curl -k | apt-key add -

We then add the Veeam source in order to download the package and future updates:

echo "deb [arch=amd64] pn stable" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/veeampn.list
apt-get update

Finally we install the two packages (server and interface components)

apt-get -y install veeam-vpn-ui veeam-vpn-svc

To work VeeamPn will write rules for Ipv4 and Ipv6, you have to accept the creation of rules:

veeampn ipv4 rule

The same is true for IPV6.

Once installed our VeeamPn server is accessible via https: // ip-server-veeamPn /

If you have deployed VeeamPn with the OVA model then the rest is here!

VPN Server Configuration

At the first connection you must enter the login and password of your Ubuntu server. You will be asked to change it.

For those who have used the OVA model the default login and password for VeeamPn is as follows:

username: root password: VeeamPN

veeamPN interface

Once modified we will choose NetWorkHub

veeampn networkhub

Now we will create the self-signed SSL certificate

veeampn certificate

veeam PN certificate ok

The certificate is created we can configure our VPN server.

VPN configuration options
You must enter your public IP or a DNS name. Finally we choose the point to site VPN.

Port forwarding on your router

For the VPN to work you must perform port forwarding on your router.

You must therefore redirect your Public IP + port 6179 to your VEEAM PN server.

port veeam pn
Here is an example on a livebox 5

Once your redirection is in place, we will be able to move on to creating user accounts.

Creation of user accounts

To create the customer, click on "customer" in the interface, then on "add"

veeampn customer menu

Then we choose "Standalone computer"

add a veeam pn client

The login must be defined, it is possible for the client to pass internet traffic through the VPN gateway. So your public IP displayed corresponds to that of the VPN server, for my part I check the box.

vpn client login

Now we need to download the OpenVpn Gui client and get the configuration file.

client finalization veeampn
A link sends you to the OpenVpn client download page

OpenVpn client configuration

Once your users have been created, the OpenVpn Gui client must be installed on the PC.

The download page is accessible here:

OpenVPN 2.5 Windows 64Bits direct download

The version to download and install must match your operating system. Proceed with the installation.

You must retrieve the configuration file (.ovpn format) from the interface of the VeeamPn server

ovpn file veeampn

It must then be imported into OpenVpn (the icon is on the right).

OpenVpn icon

import openvpn configuration

Once imported you should be able to connect by clicking on connect

openvpn qnap connection

Your connection is made, you must be able to access the company's resources.

You can see who is connected and the traffic for each session from the clients menu.

VeeamPn statistics
here we have the statistics for the tutorial user.

Well done your VPN server is working and your users can connect.

For further

Site to Site

It is also possible to design a Site-to-Site architecture with VeeamPn. However, you have to create a VeeamPn server on each remote site to integrate them.

You will find complete documentation on the Veeam HelpCenter

Quickly here is the process but the tutorial will not go further for the moment.

On your first VeeamPn server (your main site) you must declare the site in the client menu then EntireSite

veeampn site to site

A configuration file is then downloaded, it will be useful for the second server (the remote site)

You must then set up a second VeeamPn server at the remote site and configure it as a Gateway site and import the XML file.

Finally it will take create a route on your router (box) to communicate with the remote site.

Cloud deployment

There are 3 types of deployment for VeeamPN

  • Microsoft Azure cloud deployment
  • Amazon Cloud Deployment (Aws)
  • Deployment in local infrastructure (stored at home)

Deployment in the cloud is obviously a bit more complex. But be aware that it is possible and supported by the publisher.

You will also need to set up NAT on your VeeamPn server.

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