The Farm 2.6 of Plant vs Undead, an approach to Farm 3.0

Farm 2.6 Plant vs Undead prepares Farm 3.0

The arrival of Farm 3.0 is getting closer and closer. But nevertheless In Plant vs Undead they decided to give us a preview with the arrival of Farm 2.6. In fact, the game developers have explained that the changes coming with Farm 2.6 will make more sense when Farm 3.0 comes out in Plant vs Undead.

What changes will there be in Plant vs Undead with the arrival of Farm 2.6

The changes that will come to Plant vs Undead with the arrival of Farm 2.6 seem contrary to the policies that the game has had until now. What’s more, The changes that Plant vs Undead will have with the arrival of Farm 2.6 have polarized the players. On the one hand, some understand that these changes are necessary to improve the economy of the game and on the other hand there are players who are bothered by these changes.

With Farm 2.6 important changes will come to Plant vs Undead such as the removal of Captcha and that the Farm mode can no longer be played from a web browser. In fact now to review your Plant vs Undead farm you will have to download the game app.

On the other hand, With the arrival of Farm 2.6 from Plant vs Undead, the greenhouses will also no longer be available, so you won’t need to check if you should use the greenhouse in this game. However, a detail that is unknown is whether the climate will stop affecting the plants or if they will all lower their LE production depending on the climate that affects them.

Changes Plant vs Undead Farm 2.6

Harvest time will be shortened in Plant vs Undead Farm 2.6

With the arrival of Farm 2.6 you will have to wait less time to harvest your plants. What’s more, when you harvest an NFT plant it will be removed from your farm, although it will remain on your account. So, if after harvesting a plant you want it to continue producing LE you will have to sow it again. Note that the space that the harvested plant used to occupy on your farm will still be available.

With the arrival of Farm 2.6 the NFT plants of Plant vs Undead will stop dropping seeds

NFT plants will no longer drop seeds to give you new plants, not least because the large pot will be removed from the game. Now large pots will be replaced by small pots. However, it is possible that in a future patch the game developers will make NFT plants drop seeds again. Please note that as plants will no longer drop seeds it is possible that the price of NFT plants will increase in the Plant vs Undead Marketplace.

When will Farm 2.6 be released in Plant vs Undead

Although the changes coming with Farm 2.6 to Plant vs Undead are yet to come out, there is no exact date yet. Please note that the game developers They started working on the update to Farm 2.6 of the game as of November 17 but the game is still under maintenance.

Farm 2.6 may be available in a couple of hours or tomorrow. However, there are some rumors that it will be available from November 21. For now we have to wait for the game to stop being in maintenance to know that Farm 2.6 is already implemented in it.

On the other hand, more changes to the game coming soon as its developers have indicated that in an upcoming patch they will make the Plants of Light more balanced. Keep in mind that these are the best plants to earn more LE in Farm mode and Light Plants are some of the worst to generate LE on your farm.