The economy is bad…Samsung Must reduce the global mobile phone delivery target by 2022 by more than 40 million units.

It seems that the global economic crisis is now affecting every industry. Because of the latest reports that Samsung has planned ahead of time to prepareGlobal smartphone shipments in 2022 have been reduced from a previously estimated 40 million units. The main reason is fromThe Covid-19 epidemic and global inflation.

According to media reports from South Korea, Samsung has been hit by the global economic crisis. Previously, there was information that Samsung has a lot of backlog. Until now, a new marketing plan has to be planned by reducing the smartphone shipment target in 2022 from the previously targeted 300 million units.

because they want to compensate for the drop in deliveries during the years 2020 – 2021 due to the COVID-19 crisis But it does not seem to be able to reduce the target of deliveries to just 260 million units.

Compared to the past year, 2020 was Samsung’s heaviest year due to the impact of COVID-19 until only 250 million units were delivered. Next in 2021, a little better, delivering 270 million. machine and the latest this year has not improved at all Because, as said, there will be only 260 million units delivered.

But on the other hand, it seems that Apple will be the only company in the mobile market that will not be affected by the economic slowdown of 2022, with each company having a lot of ways to adapt to future sales.

source: Theelec