The best word games on iOS and Android devices

If you’re fond of words (and of course you are since you’re here), there are a whole bunch of totally fun games to play on your phone. Other than children’s games, there are many challenging word game apps for adults (to bring back old memories again).

Honestly, I love playing first-person shooters, racing games, and sometimes I try to take the time to play during short breaks. Even when I’m able to get some virtual cash, I often end up thinking, What have I learned from the time I spent playing it? Well, I can either play math games or anything that interests me, specifically word games. So, if you are looking to replace some fun games with a little learning with some fun, here are the best word games on iOS and Android, which you should try right away!

Best word games on iOS and Android devices - Android iOS

1. Baikoh

Cost – Free

Best word games on iOS and Android devices - Android iOS

Baikoh is the game resulting from the merger of both Scrabble and Tetris. The gameplay consists of dropping the stack of characters from the top of the screen. You should make as many words as possible from the set of letters provided. I’m sure it sounds easy, but as you progress and win points, the game levels start getting difficult. It also adds some obstacles like frozen blocks, bombs, etc., which makes it difficult to form the word in the limited time you get.

Get Baikoh for (iOS | Android)

2. Cryptogram

Cost – Free

Best word games on iOS and Android devices - Android iOS

If you have a knack for quotes or think you know a fair amount of it. This game comes exactly to test that knowledge. It contains more than 1000 famous quotes in cipher form that you must decode to reveal the quote below. You have one hint character which is a replacement for all similar characters in the quote. You can’t take your time guessing because the score goes down when you take longer, guess wrong, or use hints to make progress. Perhaps by the time this game is over, your citation vocabulary will be enriched as well.

Get Cryptogram for (iOS | Android)

3. Bonza Word Puzzle

Cost – Free

Best word games on iOS and Android devices - Android iOS

Bonza is a different way to enjoy crossword puzzles, where instead of single words, you move through a whole web of words, so all together they make sense. The player gets a generic attribute that you can use to correctly guess the grids and add words to them. What sets this game apart from other options is the ability to create your own puzzle which is automatically generated by the app. You can share the puzzle code with friends and challenge them at any time. This game also features several puzzle packs that can be purchased through in-app purchases.

Get Bonza Word Puzzle for (iOS | Android)

4. Blackbar

Cost – $2.99

Best word games on iOS and Android devices - Android iOS

Blackbar is a serious text game where one has to fill in the blanks and decipher pages. The user interface is very straightforward, with black text on white pages, and your goal is to follow a short story about a dystopian future. You can go further by selecting these censored words which are basically exchanged between two people. The game has more than 40 pages and it will keep you addicted because the gameplay is very immersive and engages you in the story. You should also note that it does involve a lot of guesswork and trying to find the best permutation and syntax, so if wordplay isn’t something you’re after, you might not like it.

Get Blackbar for (iOS | Android)

5. 4 Pics 1 Word

Cost – Free

Best word games on iOS and Android devices - Android iOS

This game provides a test with pictures and is great for kids and adults alike. It involves the users guessing the word using 4 pictures which represent the hints. The puzzle can contain 3 or more words. It is very easy game and you collect coins for every level you pass. You can use them to unlock the daily puzzle and use them as hints if you are stuck in any puzzle. The app shows you inferior banner ads that can be removed for $2 and also gives you 500 coins for in-game use.

Get 4 Pics 1 Word for (iOS | Android)

6. Typeshift

Cost – Free

Best word games on iOS and Android devices - Android iOS

Typeshift is a new approach to anagrams. Instead of searching for groups with one word, you get three to five words stacked together. You can solve the puzzle by sliding the letters up and down and forming the word. Before you dismiss it as an easy game, here’s the catch. Not only do you make a word in the center but you have to use every letter at least once to make the words. The game contains multiple packs that can be unlocked with in-app purchases.

Get Typeshift for (iOS | Android)

7. Wordfeud

Cost – Free

Best word games on iOS and Android devices - Android iOS

This game is a multiplayer scrabble game so you can play with random opponent and also take your friends and challenge them. It is very easy to start playing, as you have to add letters next to the ones already on the board, either horizontally or vertically. Furthermore, there are bonus points for double and triple words and letters. What I like the most about the game is that you can easily choose the Facebook friends you want to play with, which saves time and makes it more fun. You can remove banner ads by accessing the premium version which comes at $4.99.

Get Wordfeud for (iOS | Android)

8. 7 Little Words

Cost – Free with in-app purchases

Best word games on iOS and Android devices - Android iOS

7 Little Words is my favorite game. The game is a mixture of question challenges, crossword puzzles and word guessing. The user gets a puzzle consisting of seven mysterious words and seven clues (hence the name). The goal is to choose the correct batch of confusing words that fit the meaning of the phrase clues. The levels contain thousands of puzzles that can be purchased, but in the beginning, you can access 25 puzzles without any purchase.

Get 7 Little Words for (iOS | Android)

9. Wordiest

Cost – Free

Best word games on iOS and Android devices - Android iOS

The game is played by dragging letters from the letter list at the bottom to form two words in the top rows. Each letter has points and bonuses if you make multiples or three similar words. It’s not a multiplayer game but you get a leaderboard and a score score that shows you the points of other players who got the same word combination. It comes with an ad banner on top that you can remove for $1.5.

Get Wordiest for Android

concluding remarks

Among all these word games, I highly recommend you to try 4 Pics 1 Word. It is a relatively easy game and can be played by users of any age group. Besides, I spend most of my time playing 7 Little Words, which not only helps me improve my vocabulary, but the touch of hints pushes the mind to think and make connections. So, try all of these options and let me know which one you like the most!

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