The best Toretto memes “Family comes first” are here, don’t miss them!

Best Toretto and family memes

The Internet never ceases to amaze us, because not a day goes by without some celebrity, artist or even influencer becoming a viral meme.

Now and thanks to the premiere of the latest film in the full throttle saga (Fast and furious in Latin America) memes have been released very funny about Dominic Toretto. These memes refer to his famous phrase: “The family is first”.

The 10 best memes of Toretto and the family

As with the Julio Iglesias memes, you can share all these Toretto memes about family using WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or any other messaging application or social network that you use on your mobile. Even, if you wish, you can create stickers for WhatsApp using these images.

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What is the origin of Toretto’s memes about the family?

Fast and Furious Toretto

It doesn’t take much research to figure out where does this meme come from. If you’ve seen any of the 9 movies in the Fast and Furious saga, you should know more or less why Vin Diesel has gone viral In Internet.

On the other hand, if you’ve never seen any of the movies in the Full throttle saga, We can explain the origin of this meme in a few words: Dominic Toretto (lead actor) has always done everything for his family, so much so that the family gives him powers that defy the laws of physics.

With scenes that border on the crazyToretto has jumped from hundreds of meters without hurting himself, shot down tanks using just one car, and even traveled into space.

Faced with these totally unreal scenes, users have not missed the opportunity to make a meme that will last for a long time. Well the fast and furious saga seems to have no end… There are already 9 films released and it is expected that there will be many more.