The best statistical software for data analysis

The statistical software are in the category of computer programs used to make statistics or data analysis on computer.

This famous part of mathematical sciences making it possible to collect, analyze and interpret data. The use of software makes it possible to More reliable, more exact because the processor of a computer currently allows too complex calculations to be made, which means that we are becoming more efficient.

Most statisticians believe that the use of such and such statistical software It does not matter because the main thing is to interpret the figures and graphs that are obtained with this software, for that you have to know what you are doing with these statistical software.

This list of best statistical software will help you make a choice among the multitude of statistical software developed. It is clear that it is not for nothing that they are so popular.

I’m not saying I’m going to tell you what a variance, a covariance, a correlation is, or even what it’s for. I’m also not saying that I’m going to show you how to do an ANOVA (Analysis of variance), a AFC (Component Factor Analysis) or even less a ACP (Principal Component Analysis). It is true that several statistical software will allow you in a few clicks to find results for different tests (Chi-square, Student, etc.)

What is the difference between “Statistics” and “Statistics” in a data analysis?

There is a slight difference between the word ” statistical »When it is taken in the singular with the definite article and when it is in the plural.

“Statistics” refers to the part of mathematics, so it is science. While “a statistic” or “the statistics” are words allowing to allude to the data processed or to be processed.

Statistics taken as science has several parts such as:

  • Descriptive statistics that allows for analysis and data processing that is limited. So we have access to all individuals or even the entire population.
  • Inferential statistics, still called mathematical statistics this is used when we do not have access to the entire population, we do the processing on samples. Note that you will need notions of probabilities because appealing to random phenomena (chance intervenes in it).
  • The univariate statistic.
  • The multivariate statistic.

Hoping that you have an idea on the difference residing between the statistic and one or the statistics we can now see the best statistical software and which are most used by professional statisticians for a data analysis

Top 8 best statistical software for effective data analysis

Although having dragged on a bit, the section devoted to statistical software is finally here. In the lines above it was a question of showing you the definition of a statistical software but also the statistics and its nuances.

And now let’s see the gist of this post.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel logo - Statistics software

Excel is not to present to you because it is part of the Microsoft Office office suite.

As its name suggests, it is the brainchild of the Tech giant Microsoft. This software has a simple and user-friendly interface that does not only allow you to do simple calculations. Because after creating an input mask for encoding your statistical data, you can do all your analyzes with this software if you know your way around. This is also the reason for its presence in the first place in this list of the best statistical software.

With Microsoft Excel you can do the preparation of a database. This one, that is to say the comic strip, will be usable by almost everyone else statistical processing software like SPSS, Stata, Epi Info, and others.

Stata: One of the best statistical software

logo stata - data analysis

The last paragraph of the previous section introduced Stata and the other apps on this list.

Stata is cross-platform software that runs on Windows, MacOs, and Lunix. Stata is among the best statistical software developed by the house StataCorp.

Most used by economist, epidemiologist and other field Stata enables powerful and efficient data analysis. It offers two interfaces, one in command line and the other allowing the use of spreadsheets as is done with Microsoft Excel.

IBM SPSS Statistics

Icon IBM SPSS - statistical software

Statistical software developed by IBM used primarily for people interested in the social sciences. SPSS makes it possible with simple clicks to obtain complex results for a statistical data analysis.

Note that there is software called IBM SPSS Modeler which also allows produce models and trends in data.


R logo

R in itself is a programming language and a software dedicated to statistical manipulations for effective data analysis.

Two authors (Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman) are at the base of this software which allows fans of the keyboard to find themselves at ease.

The software is mainly used from the command line. R is among the popular statistical software and multiplatform running on Windows, OS X, OpenBSD, GNU / Linux, FreeBSD and several other distributions.

SAS: Another among the best statistical software

sas - statistical software

Statistical Analysis System or SAS for short is a programming language for manipulating statistics. Note that this statistical software is proprietary although it has two free versions for students.

the SAS University Edition and the SAS OnDemand for Academics can be accessed remotely via a Web browser.

Statistica: statistical software from StatSoft

statistical software

This name designates a set of products developed by the company StatSoft. Those statistical data analysis software allow to makedata mining (called data mining) andbusiness intelligence.

A short trip to the Statistica site will allow you to discover other specialized StatSoft products.


Tanagra is also a data mining software intended for teaching and research, understand that the software is free. For any download try this link.


A generalist statistical software widely used in agriculture. GenStat also allows you to perform relevant data analysis.

Conclusion on statistical software

For better data analysis, other statistical software is at your disposal. Applications like Eviews, Statistix, MatLab, StatGraphics and many others do a good job. It is true that we cannot finish the whole list because they exist by the thousands and which are essential for your study.

You are a student looking for a tool for data analysis and processing fruit of your research or if you are a professional working in the statistical world. I hope this article has been of great use to you.

As for the choice, I personally prefer the R software because I love codes. SPSS Statistical Software fromIBM makes it possible to achieve great achievements because it is too simple simplicity.

I also try Stata and I was not too disappointed because it is usable with intuitive controls. One finds oneself there easily.

Please share with others working in a data analysis field. A presentation of other interesting software in commentary can do us good.

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