The best srt subtitle file downloader for Android

The best srt subtitle file downloader for Android. There are many programs that offer many translation files, and we will present the best program that offers translation file downloads srt for Android.

The program has all the features that the user needs, and the idea of ​​the program is that it translates movies or videos that are not accompanied by translation, and in very few steps the program can translate many languages ​​that you need, so follow the explanation of the program as well as the download link .

Download translation file srt for android

Download srt subtitle file for Android 2 300x154 - the best srt subtitle file download program for Android
srt subtitle file download program for android

A free file translator that allows you to easily translate normal files, especially files for subtitling movies and series, in many formats used in YouTube or Netflix and others, and the program can translate all these formats and not only srtSupported file formats are srt And sm And txt And xml And as s And dfxp And rt And sbv And stl And vtt And sub And MicroDvd And SubViewer And txt(Quick Time Text And lrc.

Translator for normal files and movies

Download srt subtitle file for Android 300x178 - the best srt subtitle file download program for Android
srt subtitle file download program for android

The program provides a translation file srt It works on all Android devices and is considered one of the distinguished programs that provide translation service for many videos in all formats, so if you need to download the subtitle file srt For Android, you can download this wonderful program and take advantage of all the services provided by the program, and the program offers many wonderful features that make it one of the best programs in this field and a very strong competitor to the rest of the available programs .

Program Advantages

The program offers a lot of great features that every user needs to translate videos through the subtitle file srtTherefore, we will provide you with all the features in the program in detail so that you can know all the features offered by the program, the features of the program :

  • Free translation app .
  • There is no limit to translating files, so you can translate all videos that need subtitles without any specific number .
  • The program works on all smart phone devices that run on the Android system, as well as on the regular phone, tablet, or smart screens that run on the Android system .
  • Supports all Android 4.1 and above devices .
  • Through the program, you can also translate translation files .
  • Supports YouTube and Netflix subtitle files, meaning that you can translate most of the videos that you download through these sites.
  • Supports subtitle files for movies and series
  • Save the translated file with the name of the file with the language .
  • The program has more than 50 different languages ​​around the world, and the most famous languages ​​provided by the program are Arabic, English, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, as well as French, and many famous languages ​​around the world. .

How to use the program

When you download the program and install it on the phone, all you have to do is take some simple steps that the program provides you with, and the steps are: Choose the file ● Choose the language ● Translate .

There are also many steps that you can take advantage of while using the program, which are: :

  • Open supported files from outside the program by sharing to the program.
  • Share the translated file through many means, including e-mail, WhatsApp, and others.
  • You can open the translated file directly after the translation with any other program that supports the format of the translated file, or you can view its content from the program .
  • You have the option to use your device’s file picker or designer from the program.
  • You can set your default language for translation.

What is a file srt

It is an abbreviation for Sub rip Subtitle File It means that it is a text file that contains important information about the subtitles used in the videos, such as the codes for the start and end time of the text to make sure that the translations are compatible with the audio, and it also includes the serial number of the subtitles. SRT It is a text-only file used with video and audio clips.

File can be opened srt as a text document

File can be opened SRT Through a text editor program, just to see the content of the file and the type of video file intended to deal with it, just click the right mouse button on the file and then choose “Open With” and then choose the text editing program used, where usually using Notepad or WordPad is the easiest way to open However, Microsoft Word can be used instead, and when you open the file, a list will appear that includes specific time times with dialogs related to them..

program download

Through this program, you can download the translation file srt For Android, but you must download the program first and then we will be able to download the translation file srt For Android through the program, knowing that the program works on all available Android systems, and you can download the program through this Link Directly and download the program through the Play Store for Android phones.

Delete and replace list

You can now set your action list to delete, replace unwanted content before subtitles based on your set of conditions, which can be turned on and off, and this is a very cool feature that the program offers you so that you can replace content or delete unwanted content in a video, in order to preserve To have correct translation content that does not contain any abuse, and this is one of the wonderful additions that this program has.

The most prominent program that supports the file srt via computers

AVI Add X Subs

aviaddxsubs screenshot 300x187 - Best srt subtitle downloader for Android
srt subtitle file download program for android

Through this program, SRT files can be converted to Sub and Idx formats, and the user may not need to install the program on the computerThe program is considered one of the most prominent programs that support the srt file on computers that support all Windows and Mac operating systems.

How to use

  • Double click on the AVI Add X Subs playback file to run it.
  • Open the Configuration 1 tab at the top of the window.
  • Select the option (Idx/sab(avi,mkv,mp4).
  • Open the Create X Sub or Idx/Sub tab.
  • Click on the three dots icon next to the option (File Name(s) (avi or .srt or .idx).
  • Go to the location of the subtitle file on your computer.
  • Click on the AVI Files (*.avi) option, then select SRT Files (*.srt)
  • Choose the SRT file and then press “Open” then open the SRT subtitle file in AVI Add X Subs 2
  • Press “Start”, then the program will convert the SRT file to Idx Sub files, which will be saved in the same folder.

We have provided you with many important files on the topic of downloading the srt subtitle file for Android, through which you can translate all the videos that support it, and we have provided you with a special program for Android devices that downloads the srt subtitle file for Android.

and presents the program Very distinctive performance and has all the wonderful tools that make it one of the best programs currently in this field for all smartphones that support the Android system, and we also mentioned a program for computers if you want to run the srt file for computers, and we wish you success.

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