The best offline card games for Android

Card games are a great way to pass the time and get friends and family involved in playing them too. Whether it’s endless UNO games or just aiming for the last lucky card to win a Solitaire challenge, you need people to play against or the internet to connect with them remotely. Well, what if you don’t have either of these options, and you still want to enjoy card games? Don’t worry, I already have a solution. Here are the best offline card games for Android that you can play right away. let’s start.

Best Offline Card Games for Android - Android

1. Callbreak

Best Offline Card Games for Android - Android

Card games often need a quick guide before you try the gameplay, well, that’s not here. Callbreak is a popular card game in many South Asian countries that you can play on your phone without any internet connection. The gameplay involves four players with a deck of cards, each of which can be played five rounds. You can play with the AI ​​in order to present the highest card in each round. The user interface of the game is very simple so there is not much to customize besides the speed, card animations and sounds.

The game pops up full screen ads, but since our agenda is to play offline, the ads won’t be annoying.

Get a Callbreak

2. Solitaire

Best Offline Card Games for Android - Android

I am sure you have played Solitaire on your Windows PC before. This game has attracted anyone who does not have internet and has some interest in playing cards. If you want a game that lives up to that nostalgia, this option fits your Android bill. The game has the same drag and drop gameplay and you can easily play it offline. It also has different game modes like classic draw card, 3 card draw, daily challenges, etc. If you are a beginner, you can easily check the hints and undo the move to remedy the game loss.

Once you get bored of defeating bot in games, take advantage of the internet and participate in multiplayer tournaments and duels for fun. The game does not contain any ads so you can expect a smooth user interface.

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3. Rummy Offline

Best Offline Card Games for Android - Android

One of the most played and challenging rummy (hand or konkan) game also has an offline token that you can play. For those who don’t know, in this game each player is dealt 14 cards except for the one to the right of the dealer who gets 15 cards, the participants have to make combinations of the same color or valid sequences. The current game has the option to play in duos in a four-player challenge. It’s a great way to get started for anyone who wants to learn how to play Rummy online.

The game is free but you can watch ad videos to get virtual coins that can be used in the gameplay.

Get Rummy Offline

4. UNO Classic 2020

Best Offline Card Games for Android - Android

If you are someone like me who finds it difficult to remember complex card numbers, combinations and above all a lot of rules, UNO is the perfect alternative. I am sure you have played this game with your friends and family, but if you are alone, this game can be your companion. The game allows you to play UNO with a robot. You can choose from up to 6 players without any intrusive ads or payments. What I like about this game is that it is set to the standard rules and makes you feel like you are playing with real players. There is even a timer that beeps if it takes too long!

It is a must game if you like UNO along with not very complicated gameplay and animations.

Get UNO Classic 2020

5. Shadow Era

Best Offline Card Games for Android - Android

This game takes a leap compared to other games in terms of gameplay and also the interface of the game. Shadow Era is a cross platform collectible card game (CCG). You initially get a pre-built starter set that you can change by winning battles against your opponents. The most important card is the hero card and the other 39 must be neutral or belong to the hero faction or class. You can also choose to learn, as the game gives you the option to watch the game in progress and also lets you replay the role. It may seem complicated to beginners. But you will be addicted to it once you get the necessary help. Plus there is a dedicated forum where you can discuss, read and learn more about the game.

The game needs internet when you log in for the first time and you can easily create a guest username to play it.

Get Shadow Era

6. Rogue Adventure: Card Battles

Best Offline Card Games for Android - Android

I stumbled upon this card game a long time ago through a Reddit group and since then the game seems to appear frequently in some places in my Reddit feed. Since it was well reviewed by a lot of users, I decided to give it a space in our list. The game is inspired by roguelike games and requires the player to advance through dungeons and bypass enemies etc. Once you win, you get a chance to add cards to your deck and expand it. Each card can also contain different classes (type) with unique abilities that can change the way you play drastically.

There are many in-app purchases, but you can remove ads for $5 / one time.

Get Rogue Adventure: Card Battles

7. Card Games – 99 in 1

Best Offline Card Games for Android - Android

There is nothing better than having multiple games in one app just like Old Testament video game CDs. This card game technically does not have 99 offline games but you can play 99 in total online with one click within the app like Yatzy Aces, Mahjong connect classic, hierarchical solitaire etc. Although there are quite a few games that can be played offline like Blackjack, Bridge, Gin Rummy, etc., it lacks in quality when compared to dedicated apps. The app contains ads which can be easily eliminated by playing offline games.

This app is for anyone looking to improve their arcade hobby and not sure which game to play.

Get Card Games – 99 in 1

concluding remarks

So, in this list the best card games that you can easily play offline have been shown. Personally, I play a lot of UNO games alone, and this is the right app for me. So, if you want to play a simple game that doesn’t rely on traditional card games, give UNO a try. You can also check out Call Break as it is an easy card game to get started with. Finally, Shadow Era and Rogue Adventure are great games, but you should also be prepared for a little while longer to learn the basics of gameplay. If you have more games, drop them in the comment below! Also, learn about the best board game apps for Android and iPhone.

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