The best Android news: OnePlus Nord 2 CE, Videoland and Android Automotive

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“This is the OnePlus Nord 2 CE: renders show design”

oneplus nord 2 ce renders

Recently, the first specifications of the OnePlus Nord 2 CE appeared and now the phone can be seen on renders. The images were leaked by the reliable website 91Mobiles and show that the smartphone looks about the same as the OnePlus Nord 2. For example, the phone has a screen with thin edges and camera hole at the top left. The rear also has a lot of distance from the Nord 2, even though the cameras are slightly different from the Nord 2 CE. The successor to the OnePlus Nord CE would also have a headphone jack, which is missing from the company’s other smartphones.

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Xiaomi Introduces TV Stick 4K: New Competitor for the Chromecast

xiaomi tv stick 4k highlighted

Last September, the TV Stick 4K already appeared in all sorts of inspection reports, but Xiaomi has now officially presented the hdmi dongle. This gadget is the successor to the Mi TV Stick and therefore drops the “Mi” brand name. The TV Stick 4K runs on Android 11 and brings all kinds of “smart” features to your TV. After attaching the dongle to the back of the screen, you can watch Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube, for example. The big difference with its predecessor is the increased image quality. The revamped Xiaomi dongle plays movies up to 4K resolution.

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These 3 features Google adds to Android Automotive 12

Android Automotive review

Google has introduced Android Automotive 12. The new version of the car operating system adds, among other things, a new design. Google has introduced Android Automotive 12. The new version of the car operating system adds, among other things, a new design. For example, the Settings app uses the full width of the car screen. Also handy: the system now shows the most important notifications first. Just like on your phone, these notifications are displayed at the top of the screen. Furthermore, there is now a “split screen mode” in Android Automotive.

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Video land is getting more expensive: these are the new prices


Videoland announces that subscription prices will be increased. These are the Plus and Premium subscriptions, both of which become one euro more expensive per month. The Videoland Plus subscription, which previously cost 7.99 euros per month, now has a monthly price of 8.99 euros. The most expensive subscription – Premium – goes from 9.99 euros to 10.99 euros per month. The cheapest subscription remains the same: 4.99 euros. The Basic subscription does offer fewer options than Plus and Premium. For example, it is not possible to download movies and series for offline use and you will see commercials in between.

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OnePlus Buds Z2: Active noise cancellation for 99 euros

oneplus buds z2

OnePlus has announced new wireless earbuds: the Buds Z2. The successors of the Buds Z cost 99 euros and are from 20 December for sale in the Netherlands. Only the white version, because the black version will not appear until next month. The earbuds are lighter and have shorter stems than the previous Buds Z. An important feature of the OnePlus Buds Z2 is the active noise cancellation, which filters out ambient noise. This is useful if, for example, you are sitting in a busy train or bus, or just want to keep quiet around you while working. There is also a transparency mode, for if you really want to hear the sound around you. For example, when you are on the bike.

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