The 8 best free apps to find a parking spot

free apps to find a parking space

Finding a place to park has become a daily challenge for any motorist in large cities. Most of the time, many people lose more than 15 minutes looking for a free parking space to immobilize their car, the time to do some shopping. However, wasting a few minutes going around in circles can become frustrating to the point of ruining your entire day. Fortunately, the issue has caught the attention of several programmers who have developed clever apps to address it. These tools are responsible for indicating the free and nearest position to park your car as quickly as possible. This article introduces you to the best of these applications that you can use for free.

1- Polly

Polly parking space

Polly is a very advanced application which has been developed by Zohar Bali. This allows you to find a better parking space in just a few seconds. It is equipped with a GPS system which, from one kilometer from your destination, starts a search for the ideal parking space to park you. Cleverly, Polly scans the whole city and records parking information. This allows it to show you the fastest and least cumbersome route that can take you to your destination and especially where to park. With Polly, you have an 80% chance of finding a better location to park. If, on the other hand, all the car parks listed by the application are full, it directs you to an underground car park.


Zenpark free parking space

If there is no space in the public car parks, the best solution is to turn to the company car park. In this, Zenpark appears as a better tool. This application allows you to locate free places in companies in order to rent them. The motorist can remotely make his reservation and go directly to the car park concerned. Once there, he is able to open the entrance to the car park from his application and enter it to park in the reserved place.

3- OPnGO

OPnGO parking space application

Indicate your destination to OPnGO and it guarantees you a place of honor in a car park once you arrive. This application has an extensive directory of private and public car parks in several cities. With OPnGO, you have the option of finding street parking and paying directly through the app. An interesting point for you if you have to make a quick run in town. Even better, the application offers you a monthly subscription for parking lots. And this with very affordable prices.

Access to the car parks is via the application which presents you with a QR Code to scan once at the entrance. Your vehicle is thus registered and authorized for parking. Of course you can reserve your place with OPnGO for more assurance.

4- EasyPark


No more wasting time parking with EasyPark. It shows you the fastest route to reach a car park and directs you directly to the free space. EasyPark has nothing to envy to a GPS, it defines the cartography of the city and identifies the empty places in the car parks as well as the parking points in the street. You can make the payment directly via your contactless smartphone.

EasyPark shows you the prices of the different car parks, allowing you to quickly make a comparison and then decide. Note that it can be used immediately after downloading it from the App Store or Play Store.

5- Parkopedia

Parkopedia car parking app

If you want a database of available public car parks, you can refer to Parkopedia. Everything is there in an orderly fashion, from the pitches to the prices for each car park. The level of satisfaction granted by each of these car parks is mentioned in the application thanks to the opinions of users who rate them after having tried them. Parkopedia therefore puts everything at your disposal to find the ideal car park for your parking lot in record time. Apart from public car parks, this app also lists street parking spots. Save time parking with Parkopedia.



With more than 500 car parks available, Onepark ranks among the best existing parking applications. The prices of these different car parks are mentioned in the application to promote comparison. This allows you to find the ideal position at a reasonable price. Onepark offers public and private car parks and those temporarily free in companies. Once the destination is known, the app shows you the shortest way to get there. An advantage that saves you a significant amount of time.

7- Travelercar

Travelercar free space in the car parks for parking

The Travelercar application is not limited only to the indication of free space in car parks for parking. It offers vehicle owners the possibility of renting their cars to other users when they do not want to use them immediately. In its early days, Travelercar operated exclusively around airports. But today, it offers its services at different stations. And if your vehicle does not find a taker, you will still benefit from free parking. The application is currently used by hundreds of thousands of motorists who take advantage of it to make residual income.


Yespark car parks for rent for a long period of parking

Yespark presents itself as a long-term solution for vehicle owners who plan to go on a trip for a while without their car. The application offers parking lots for rent for a long period of parking. Find a place to park for a month throughout France. With Yespark, more than 10,000 spaces are available for this type of parking. The application is available on PlayStore.

Once the application is downloaded and installed, register and then make your reservation in just a few clicks. It is available on Google Play and AppStore for iOS.