The 7 Best TV Show Apps for iOS and Android

tv program apps

If a few decades ago we only watched terrestrial television with only a few possible channels, today the situation has completely changed. From DTT, replay services, satellite television, Internet box offers to VOD streaming services, the TV channels are innumerable. So is the choice of programs. As a result, it is no longer possible to transpose the TV program guide into a magazine. The times have changed. The paper TV magazine has become obsolete.

Smartphone applications nowadays make it easy to consult the program of the day in order to know what to watch and where to watch it. Some of these applications can be customized to suit the user’s needs. However, which application should you choose from this plethora available in the market. To allow you to quickly find your happiness, we have selected for you the top 7 of the best free and complete TV program applications on iOS and Android.

1- Entertainment TV

Télé Loisirs free and complete tv program

TV Entertainment is one of the best TV program apps that you can use on both Android and iOS system. It gives you access to programs from over 300 TV channels. You will be able to consult the programs by hour or by channel just by using the filters. Filtering can also depend on your bouquet (Bbox, TNT, Canal+, Orange, Free or others), but also according to your favorite channels.

In addition, Télé Loisirs is fully customizable according to the offer you have. With Télé Loisirs, you have the chance to access the catalogs of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Just by having this app on your smartphone, you can quickly watch teasers, read summaries, cast biographies, synopses, and more. With the Télé Loisirs application, you are sure not to miss any of your favorite programs. Notifications of the impending broadcast are sent to you regularly.

2- TV 7 days

TV 7 days free tv program app

7 Days TV is one of the top rated TV program apps on play store and app store. Indeed, this application allows you to consult the TV programs of more than 200 channels (French, Belgian and Swiss bouquets). It allows you to access from its home page all the programs, shows, series, replays, entertainment that are currently being broadcast or that are in 1time, in 2th or in the last part of the evening.

In addition, the experts at Télé 7 jours have concocted a selection of the best evening programs that you can easily consult. This application gives you access to TV and replay programs depending on the channels. And that’s not all. 7 Days TV is fully customizable. You can create your own TV guide by choosing your favorite channels and your bouquet. To not miss any program, you can save alerts directly on your calendar. Thanks to its integrated remote control you can also take control of your Freebox, Livebox or your Philips or Samsung television set.

3- soTV

sotv download free tv program

soTV is an application available for iPad or iPhone users. It allows them to follow the complete TV program of more than 400 TV channels. Thanks to this application, they will be able to easily consult the notes, the summaries and the video extracts. Like Télé 7 jours, soTV can also be used as a remote control to control a TV box, manage favorites or start a TV recording. The application is available for free download on App Store.

4- TéléPoche

best TéléPoche tv program app

Like soTV, TéléPoche is only available for iOS users. However, unlike the latter, TéléPoche only allows you to follow the program of 180 TV channels. The user can therefore consult the trailers of the series, films, shows, cast and even the synopses. This application can also be customized according to your favorite channels. Finally, it should be noted that TéléPoche has a push notification function which alerts you as soon as one of your favorite shows or films begins.



6Play is an application that gives you exclusive access to programs from M6 group channels and other original programs. This app is dedicated to Android and iOS users as you can imagine. It provides access to more than 5,000 hours of exclusive programs. You have the chance to be aware of all the shows, films and series broadcast by the channels of the M6 ​​group (M6, W9, Gulli, Téva, 6ter, Paris Première) and special programs such as Dinner with his ex, Manon + Julien = baby brother, Tatoo Confessions and many others.

Similarly, with 6Play you will have the opportunity to follow live your news magazines, your series, your entertainment, the biggest sporting events as well as your youth programs. Replay is also available with this application. This feature allows you to find your favorite programs for free such as Les Reines du Shopping, Top Chef, Les Marseillais, Enquête exclusive, Kaamelott, Zone Interdite and others.

6- TV Magazine

TV Magazine complete tv program

TV Magazine is an application that is compatible with Android and iOS. It is an application that shows you in detail the TV programs of more than 100 channels. You will thus have access to detailed files with summary, trailers and many others. TV Magazine is that application that allows you not to miss any of your favorite programs thanks to its features. Indeed, it has a “Right now” function that allows you to see the program that is in progress. The “Tonight” function shows you all the programs of the evening on your screen. A notification feature sends you an alert 10 minutes before a movie or show starts.

It is an application that you can customize to your liking. For example, you can rank your favorite channels. A filter is also available to allow you to quickly find a program thanks to its integrated search engine. If you lack inspiration, you can consult the opinions of the editorial staff of Télé Magazine to find a good program to watch. Note that you can share your opinion directly with other users of the application thanks to the Live Tweet.

7- TeleStar


TéléStar is one of the best TV guides available for Android and iOS. It’s an application that reinvents TV programs to allow you to have a completely different experience with your TV. It is one of the most complete TV programs of the moment. Indeed, it allows you to access all the French, Swiss and Belgian bouquets. You will thus be entitled to programs from more than 100 channels for free. And you can also from the application settings customize your application by choosing the channels you want to watch taking into account your bouquet (Orange, TNT, Sfr, Free, Canal+, Bouygues or others). You can also list them in a specific order.

In addition, it should be noted that TéléStar offers you the possibility of accessing all the programs of the moment, evening or 2th evening party. Also, you can organize your TV evening differently by consulting the programs by genre, by channel or by time. TéléStar’s editorial staff also leaves you with opinions and program recommendations that you can consult at any time.

To not miss any program, the application allows you to program alerts to receive notifications a few minutes before the start of your favorite program. Finally, it should be noted that you have the possibility of saving your bouquets and TV channels to synchronize them at any time. So your preferences follow you everywhere. All you have to do is connect to your personal space from any smartphone.