The 5 best antivirus apps for your smartphone in a row

More and more processes are running via our smartphones. Reason more for cybercriminals to go after your data. Cyber ​​security does not have to cost a fortune. We’ve put together five of the best antivirus apps for Android.

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Five of the best antivirus apps in a row

Android is an “open” system. This is one of the reasons why it is popular and most of the smartphones run on this software. With a little knowledge, you can dive into the depths and adjust everything on your device, but of course malicious ones as well.

It is therefore important that you are a step forward and remain so with people with malicious intent, such as hackers. That’s why it’s important to secure your Android smartphone. Sure with all the important data you use on your smartphone, such as contact lists, mail conversations and payment, banking and crypto apps.

A good and easy-to-use way to secure is to use a virus scanner on your smartphone. We have therefore listed the five best antivirus solutions for Android smartphones in random order.

1. Norton 360 antivirus

Norton is not a foreign name in antivirus software country. They support computers, tablets but also smartphones. That is certainly not a luxury since almost all of our personal data is stored on our devices. Norton not only protects you against viruses on the internet but also against theft and sale of your data through e.g. Dark Web.

In addition, your online privacy is also strengthened by including Norton Secure VPN. This way you do not run any risks if you use the internet via public networks. Norton 360 Mobile Security is now priced. From 14.99 euros for the first year, you protect one Android smartphone for a year.

2. AVG antivirus

AVG antivirus for android

Another option is to choose AVG, also a well-known player. AVG also has a large crowd of users and offers everything in the field of security. For example, you can think about stopping viruses and spyware, but also unwanted callers or unsafe apps.

Should you ever unexpectedly lose your phone, you can detect it with AVG Antivirus and lock it remotely where necessary. Furthermore, a photo is secretly taken during three unsuccessful attempts to unlock your device. If someone still knows how to unlock your phone, you can still lock apps with a separate PIN. An annual subscription to AVG antivirus for one device costs 34.99 euros. More devices you want to secure? Then opt for the subscription of 59.99 euros per year, which works for 10 devices.


3. Kaspersky antivirus

Kaspersky antivirus for android

Kaspersky provides spyware detection as one of its security features. The dangers of cyber espionage that we see back in movies and series are kept out of the door with Kaspersky Internet Security for Android. As soon as a hostile app tries to follow messages or conversations, for example, you will be notified. This way you can take immediate action.

In addition, viruses and other malicious software are repelled 24/7 by the always active antivirus software. Finally, clicking on risky links in chats or emails is also prevented and you will be notified where necessary. A subscription to Kaspersky to secure a device costs you 14.95 euros.

4. Eset Internet Security antivirus

ESET antivirus for android

In addition to security for other devices, Eset also offers award-winning antivirus security for Android smartphones and tablets. Viruses and trojans are eliminated thanks to the active antivirus scanner. Do you want to scan it routinely? Then you just set a fixed moment. In addition, you can lock more specific apps with a PIN or fingerprint for more privacy.

There is also payment security that monitors the security of payment processes. Finally, phishing is also a thing of the past. Thanks to the special tool, you are warned in good time when you click on a suspicious link. You can secure your smartphone from 29.99 euros per year.

5. McAfee antivirus

McAfee antivirus for android

McAfee not only says about its services that it is antivirus software, but also brings peace of mind. No matter how nice it sounds, the risk of running on the Internet today is an understatement. With McAfee for Android, you not only have an antivirus solution, but also security for home networks. Handy, especially during this specific time of work. Other extras such as password management and encrypted storage of important files are also available.

At McAfee, you can already secure a device of your choice for 19.95 euros for a year. If you take out a subscription for five devices, it costs 29.95 euros per year. If you choose to automatically renew your subscription, you will receive another VPN service.

Are you more confident in your choice?

You may already be aware of the risks online, but you do not know which program works best for you. The good news is that most antivirus software providers offer a free trial. Allows you to navigate through menus, ease of use and various features.

Finally, please note: the above prices apply to the first year. Prices may increase after an automatic renewal of your subscription.

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