The 4 best Android apps and games of the week (edition # 50 2021)

Escape for an alien, get rid of the police and calm down with a good book. These are last week’s best Android apps and games.

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1. Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is not a game for people who are quickly scared. In this blood-curdling game, you are chased by an alien being. Your goal is simple: survive. You do this by moving as quietly as possible through the spaceship and, if necessary, hiding or quickly hiding from the Alien.

Alien: Isolation - Coming to iOS and Android on December 16

The Alien game, which has previously appeared on other platforms, takes place after the events of the second film. The version for Android devices includes all the extensions and plays incredibly well. The game looks spooky and tense, the operation is in order and the game is incredibly exciting. Before purchasing, make sure that your smartphone can handle the game, because the game is (graphically) quite demanding.

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation

Feral Interactive

2. Moodreads

Whatever book you are reading, Moodreads knows what background music is right for it. Based on what you read, this app dishes matching music. A horror is thus provided with exciting music, while a biography sounds more subdued. Moodreads uses an algorithm to compose matching music per book (genre).

The app’s catalog is quite extensive, but when you read fiction you have the best chance of success. Extra cool is that there is a built-in Chromecast feature in Moodreads, which allows you to play the music on your TV. Also handy: by turning on a timer, the app automatically shuts off after 30 (or 60) minutes. That way, you can fall asleep while reading.

Moodreads: Music for reading

Moodreads: Music for reading


3. Legend of Mana

Developer Square Enix has been busy refining (‘remastering’) Legend of Mana for the past few months. This game was released in 1999 for the first PlayStation and has been available in the Play Store for some time. The updated version has significantly better graphics, the controls are tailored for phones and the music sounds more timely. By the way, switching back to the old soundtrack is possible at any time.

Legend of Mana |  Gameplay Launch Trailer

The gameplay is not keyed. So in the game you are mainly exploring the magical world and defeating enemies. Extra cool is that you can play the game with a controller. A disadvantage of Legend of Mana is the price. 21.99 euros is a lot of money for a polished version of an old game.

Legend of Mana

Legend of Mana


Pako 3

As bloody as Alien: Isolation is, as airy is Pako 3. Strikingly, the central theme in the two games is the same: escape. In Pako 3, the police are on your heels and the intention is to shake off the servants. That’s a lot easier said than done because the agents are doing everything they can to stop you.

PAKO 3 Trailer

Pako 3 is currently in early access and may contain some beauty flaws, although we did not notice any during testing of the game. There are over 30 levels in Pako 3 and the fun of the game is in escaping the police as hectic and tough as possible. The farther you get, the cooler the cars you can drive.

Pack 3

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