The 4 best Android apps and games of the week (edition # 2 2022)

A Lingo Clone is suddenly hugely popular, countering food waste and getting started with some sort of Mario game. These are last week’s best Android apps and games.

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1. 112NL

You’ll never need to use the app, but it’s good that it’s there. The Dutch emergency services released 112NL last week. This app ensures that people who cannot hear and / or speak well can easily contact the ambulance, police or fire brigade.

Best Android Apps and Games of the Week 112NL

You can chat via 112NL with the reporting room. People who are not (sufficiently) proficient in the Dutch language can also use the new app. Thanks to a built-in translation function, it is possible to chat in more than 100 languages.


2. Wordle (or Wordle)

It’s the internet hit of the moment: Wordle. This game is very reminiscent of Lingo. It is intended to recommend a five-letter word in up to six attempts. When a letter is in the correct place, the box turns green. If you have to fiddle with the order, the box will turn yellow and if the letter does not appear in the word, you will get a gray box.

Woordle best android apps of the week and games

Wordle is played in English, but there is also a Dutch version: Woordle. This game is in all respects the same as the English original. You can only have one word available per day to guess. If you have a good word, you can share the result on social media. You play Woordle for free (or Wordle) in your browser.

3. Remnants

Prevent food waste and save on your shopping. That’s the promise of Survivors, a new app by Albert Heijn. With this app you can tap products that are almost over the expiration date with a discount on the head. Via Remnants, you reserve a bag that you can then pick up at a branch.

Leftovers is best compared to Too Good To Go, another app to stop food waste. The Albert Heijn app takes your eating preferences into account. For example, it is possible to buy only vegetarian products. Preliminaries are currently being tested in some branches. It is intended that the number of participating stores will be expanded later this year.



Albert Heijn

4. Mimelet

The adorable 2D platformer Mimelet is reminiscent of Mario in everything. To reach the end of the level you must dodge attacks, jump from platform to platform and make enemies a little smaller. You do this quite literally by jumping right on their head, after which they lay the lead.

Mimelet - Preview

Like in Mario, Mimelet starts out pretty simple, but it quickly becomes spicy. Give yourself the task of keeping your head cool and looking good with where you walk. Before you know it, you’re jumping off a platform. Mimelet is free, but does show ads. You can buy it for a small amount (2.29 euros).


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