The 10 Best Apps to Listen to Free Podcasts

free podcast apps

To follow audios and videos for free on the web, it’s now easy. It becomes a bit of a mania among teenagers. This habit is due to the growing popularity of free podcasts. Better than streaming, the podcast can be listened to everywhere. However, the right listening tools do not spread quickly enough among Internet users. To help, this selection of the best free podcast apps has been made.

1- iTunes

iTunes podcast app iphone

This application from the house of Apple is intended for all users of iOS devices. with iTunes audio lovers will enjoy themselves. They will be able to listen to all the good sounds, shows and more that interest them. In reality, to listen to music or follow a podcast on iTunes, you just have to search for the title using the keyword in the search bar. In addition, to help, the Apple podcast extension manages your operation without going through a browser.


Anchor google podcast pc

This app is primarily free. You have the possibility to play podcasts according to your taste, without limits. Apart from this parameter, the design has been made to offer users a professional working instrument. In fact, through Anchor, you don’t just do the classic operations. Here, we give you the hand to create audios too. You therefore become an offeror. Your consumption is limited to the essentials. For the rest, you can save and stream according to your interests. Of course, there is a bit of cash involved.



As the name suggests, this tool is kind of like an endless supply of podcasts. Just run your search and you will realize its unlimited access to other podcast reserves. It is well supplied. In addition, it is the free application of reference. Many of the instruments on this list do not ship all of their features for free. With Castbox, everything is really free. You spend absolutely nothing. It is rare to find speakers of the world’s language who cannot find it for themselves. Here, more than sixty languages ​​are available.

4- Google Podcast

google podcast

Regardless of the area in which you are looking for powerful tools, Google is gradually establishing itself with its creation. This is also the case in the field of the Podcast. Google Podcast is a large-scale application with openings in all areas. Of the many platforms promoted by Google, this one is the best one with all the settings saved.

You are likely to find unsatisfied users. Don’t be surprised. They had to try the first versions made available for the first tests. It’s your turn to convince your friends that this is the right choice. Google Podcast makes podcasts more convenient.

5- AntennaPod

AntennaPod free podcast

Open source by nature, AntennaPod is one of the most user-friendly applications. It adapts to all types of users. So you can decide its interface, how you will play your podcast, save it for later playback, check links or confirm actions. The most beneficial with this app is its mania for hiding ads and advertisements. These very embarrassing little notifications are of a disturbing nature especially when one is in a hurry. Having a free application without ads on the web for free is a godsend.

6- Spotify and Deezer

Spotify best apps for your Android Smart TV

You must have used one of its music streaming apps at least once. They are usually used for streaming. This is the first operation that gave them the reputation that we know them. But with the recent evolution of podcasts, their designers and developers have made a particular development of their tools.

Today, you can enjoy streamings and podcasts at the same time in a kind of bundle. We provide you with both tools so that you can continue your old experience and discover a new one.

7- Podbean


It is true that Podbean still has a reputation to build. However, it must be recognized that it makes its merry way without a hitch. In fact, it is about a new tool which offers the same functionalities as the giants of the medium. However, users say they are satisfied. It leaves them the facility to rearrange their audios. The podcast takes on another importance thanks to her. You can build playlists and classify your listening, your discoveries.

8- Pocket Casts

Pocketcasts Podcast app

Initially, it was one of the hottest paid apps. With Pocket Casts, you could have all the audios you want. According to the polls of the time, he won the hearts of professionals. Everyone who tried it on Android left positive feedback. In recent times, with the release of the free version and the transformations that this has caused, some people have turned away from it. But, there are some who remain loyal to it for the simple reason that the departure options are always present.

9- Overcast


It is designated as a good alternative to the Apple coast. It brings together all the character traits of a podcast app. In reality, it starts from the search for audios to end up downloading through the listening option. Easy to use and malleable, this application is an improved version accepted by many listening platforms. Overcast is also linked to Twitter. This allows you to directly share your plays without having to record them in advance. In addition, the revitalization tools associated with the 2019 version are very innovative. You can now convert portions of your podcasts to video.

10- Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict exists in both paid and free versions. Whoever is infatuated with it will necessarily switch to the paid version since it is more complete. But for the eager and simplistic user, the free version should suffice for listening to radio and enjoying the free podcasts. First, it has a player through which you can play offline. Then, it has a fast and accelerated search engine. Finally, in the display, there is more maturity. Some would say it’s austerity. However, this application has nothing to envy to the advanced technology of the major studios.

Most of the assembled applications in this list have a singularity. This means that you have to make a choice, try it out before you can say that the tool is not suitable for you. Don’t pay attention to gossip, because technology continues to progress tirelessly.