That’s how easy it is to unsubscribe Premium messages from Movistar Emocion

How to unsubscribe Premium messages from Emotion in Movistar

Are you being charged Premium messages on your Movistar line and you don’t know how to unsubscribe them? Don’t worry, we are here to help you with the removal of Emoción Movistar. All you need is to have your mobile at hand and follow all the steps that we show you here to deactivate the Movistar Emotion service.

It should be noted that this “Extra charge” It does not have to do with the activation of the free 100 GB that movistar gives away, because It is a subscription that users tend to activate unintentionally. Luckily, this subscription can be easily deactivated.

How to unsubscribe from Emoción Movistar? Needed to avoid these premium messages

The tutorial that we show you below you can do it from your PC or mobile, although we recommend doing it from the phone, why? Because it is much simpler to access your account.

Unsubscribe Premium messages from Movistar

  • The first thing you have to do is open the browser on your mobile and enter the Movistar Emotion website. So you can know if you are subscribed to something on your Movistar mobile.
  • Once inside the Movistar Emotion website, you must log in with your data and then click on Unsubscribe.
  • Select the Emotion service (s) to which you are subscribed, and then hit the button that says Unsubscribe now.
  • If you have done everything correctly, Movistar will show you that you have canceled the subscriptions you have selected. What’s more, They will send you an SMS to your mobile number confirming the cancellation.

Couldn’t you unsubscribe Premium messages? Call Movistar

How to call Movistar Espana

If for any reason You could not cancel Premium Emotion messages in Movistar from the mobile operator’s website, don’t worry, you can do this by calling 1004. Of course, when calling you must have your phone number, full name and ID of the owner of the line.

It is important that you tell the operator that answers the call the following: “I want to cancel all subscriptions to Premium messages from Emoción Movistar.” Once you tell him this, the operator will request the cancellation of this service without any problem. In addition, you can also ask the operator to block premium messages for your lines, and in this way you will not be able to unintentionally subscribe to them and you will avoid scares on your bill.

In this way you will avoid all that Traffic Emotion Movistar that will generate large charges on your bill. Deactivate the Movistar Emotion service It is necessary to end this as it could have turned into a nightmare.

Without much more to add, if you do not receive the confirmation SMS that Movistar sent you, you can try this solution. It is important that you receive this SMS so that the cancellation of the service is confirmed. Movistar does not give anything away, the only thing you can try from Movistar for free is this.