Test the videoconferencing tool for 1 year

Microsoft Teams is a tool proposed by Microsoft in its suite Microsoft Office 365.

The application integrates perfectly with OneDrive and Outlook in order to offer your employees a complete solution for collaborative work and videoconferences as a team.

It has also become an essential tool for telecommuting.

Microsoft Teams Free ? Yes it is possible follow our procedure.

Video tutorial: Free Teams

Steps to make Microsoft Teams free

1 – Create your Microsoft Office 365 environment for free

An account with Microsoft Office 365 is essential, I invite you to consult our tutorial for create your free environment at Microsot 365

Anyone can create their environment and you don’t have to associate your domain name.

Once the tenant is created on theOffice 365 space you must create the user accounts by connecting with the administrator account.

You can access the administrator area of ​​your Microsoft 365 environment by clicking on the following url:

new version of the office 365 administrator area
By clicking on “users” I can create accounts for my company.

2 – Domain validation

To benefit from all the features of Microsoft Teams for free, I advise you to validate your domain name. The process is quick since it suffices to follow the wizard by clicking on Settings> Domain

domain parameters menu

Of course a domain is not mandatory to create user accounts, the default domain will be of the type

3 – Creation of Office 365 user accounts

By going to the menu Users> Active Users you have the possibility to create accounts.

You must fill out the form such as Name, First Name, Login.

add office 365 user
Click on Add a user to display the account creation form.
form to create a user in office 365
Note that two areas are available. and the version

Once the form is entered, the user account is ready and available.

Do not enter a license since in the rest of the tutorial we will activate the license Microsoft Teams Exploratory

Well done ! you have successfully created a user account in your Microsoft 365 environment.

4 – Activation of the Microsoft Teams Exploratory environment

The free version of Microsoft Teams is called Exploratory Teams or in French, Microsoft Teams Exploratory (yes it is indeed less pretty to pronounce).

As stated in Microsoft documentation, this version is valid for 1 year (from the date of licensing) and 100 licenses are available.

The user must not have a Microsoft 365 license to activate.

In addition, Microsoft Teams Exploratory also offers the following applications:

  • Exchange Online Plan 1 (to manage your calendar, appointments and Teams meetings)
  • One Drive (to store and share files)
  • Sharepoint (to access the various sites and resources common to the company)

You can then benefit from an Exchange messaging service free of charge, provided you configure your domain correctly.

The advantage of Exchange is to offer a messaging with significant volume (50 GB of storage), a calendar that can be shared with colleagues, and benefit from all the features offered if you use the Outlook client.

To take advantage of all this it’s simple, click on the link then enter the login and password of the user account.

The creation of the Teams environment starts and one license among the 100 available will be activated.

Microsoft Teams first start
On first start, Teams offers to download the Desktop application or to use the web application. Of course both solutions are possible.

We can check in our administrator area, the license is activated.

100 Microsoft Teams Exploratory licenses
Here our Support account has a Teams license.

Congratulations, your user can enjoy collaborative work

Thanks to the 100 licenses, a small business can test the Office 365 suite products for 1 year.

You can also extend the duration thanks to E3 and E5 licenses offered for 3 months.

About other Microsoft 365 apps

The solution offered above does not get the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook desktop applications. However, Microsoft offers Office applications in Web mode. They are included in Exploratory Teams.

Moreover, the Web solution offers a lot of features and allows you to write documents, spreadsheets without any problems, from your browser.

OneDrive is also available and you benefit from a storage space of 1TB. You can share your documents with your colleagues, clients and partners. The power of the tools in Web mode makes it possible to work on the same documents at the same time.

The data synchronization between each device (computers, laptop, phone and tablet) helps minimize the risk of file loss. Your data is accessible anytime and anywhere.

Please note that data synchronization should not be considered as a backup solution. Complementary free products exist. Take a look at our tutorial on Veeam Backup for Office 365 to back up your Office 365 data

Need assistance?

You need to create the environment and set up a collaborative solution like Microsoft Teams ? You can contact me directly via the comment thread in order to find a solution together.

I can offer you my help on the Office 365 environment.

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