Test the internet connection speed

There is no shortage of tools to measure the quality of the internet connection. Between the unreliable, the sites full of ads or the services that use servers halfway around the world, we can encounter some rather disconcerting results differences. Here is a very simple and effective site for test the speed of your internet connection. No frills and even no click to start the test. This is what fast.com offers, a domain name owned by Netflix. The streaming service offers this free tool for everyone, whether you are a customer of a Netflix subscription or not. One way to test the quality of internet bandwidth and understand whether or not you can benefit from HD or UHD (UltraHD, equivalent to 4K) on your screen.

powered by Netflix

A few seconds to test its internet bandwidth, i.e. the maximum speed to download files from its internet access. User or not of Netflix, this information will also make it possible to know if your connection to Internet is sufficient to watch videos on YouTube or on Twitch, to play in network without slowdowns or to work remotely in home office.

Ideally, only one device connected to the internet modem (box) is needed to prevent another device (PC, TV, console, home automation) from consuming part of the internet bandwidth.

We can also check the 4G speed by sharing a connection between the smartphone and a computer equipped with a WiFi network card.

Know the speed of your internet connection

1. Open an internet browser on a computer.

2. Click on the following link: https://fast.com/

3. Immediately, a connection test is started. The result is displayed after a few seconds.

fast fast.com internet bandwidth speed connection test

You can share your results in the comments below or ask your questions. on the forum, for example to know if the quality of your optical fiber or ADSL line is fast enough compared to your contract.

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