Tablet: disable auto-rotate

When you turn the screen of a Windows 8 tablet, it automatically adapts so that the display is “upright”.

This is a fairly handy feature but can very well get annoying when you don’t want the display to rotate.

We will see how to disable auto-rotate.

1) Open the right menu (right corners of the screen or slide from the outside to the inside of the right side of the tablet).

2) Click on “ Settings » :

Windows 8 settings

2) Click on the screen-shaped logo:

Windows 8 settings screen

3) When you click on the screen icon, you will have the option to adjust the brightness. Just above an icon is also displayed (framed in red on the image below), this indicates that the fashionauto rotate ” is activated.

Windows 8 auto-rotate screen settings

4) Click on this to block automatic rotationa padlock will appear:

windows 8 screen settings locked rotation