SwitchBot Curtain review, make your curtains smart in 30s!

Now everything in our home has become smart. We already have smartphones, smart watches, smart TVs, smart speakers and … Smart curtains? Well yes, that is what the SwitchBot brand proposes with its new gadget: the SwitchBot Curtain. Unlike other similar devices, the SwitchBot Curtain is super easy to install, since does not require you to buy new curtains or change the rod where they are installed. The SwitchBot Curtain can automate any curtains you already have around your house!

This is what the brand calls “retrofitting”: you don’t have to adapt to the gadget, the gadget adapts to you. Literally, it only takes 30 seconds install the SwitchBot Curtain on your curtains to make them smartWhat makes them smart? They can be controlled from any mobile, you can automate them to move according to ambient light, they can also be synchronized with alarms and, if you complement them with another gadget, you can even open or close them with your voice.

Us we had the opportunity to put the SwitchBot Curtain to the test, along with all its add-on gadgets, to see if it’s actually as good as they claim. Next, we will explain in more detail how it works and if it is really worth it for your home or office.

What is the SwitchBot Curtain like?

The SwitchBot Curtain has been awarded for its minimalist and practical design on several occasions. It won the “Goog Design 2020” award from the Japan Institute for Design Promotion and was a finalist in the IDEA 2020 awards. It is a small device that hides very well behind the curtains, adhering easily to the tube by means of adjustable hooks. You don’t need to use screws or nuts to install it.

It should be noted that the SwitchBot Curtain is 100% wireless, so there is no need to deal with cables or perform a complicated electrical installation to be able to mount it. Its internal battery charges via a USB-C port (bring your own charging cable in the box) and it has an autonomy of 6 months, approximately. The brand also offers a solar panel that you can connect to the USB-C port of the SwitchBot Curtain so that its battery recharges itself with sunlight.

Believe it or not, installing the SwitchBot Curtain is as simple as place it between the last and penultimate hooks of the curtains and voila. It adapts to any type of curtain (rod, U-track, I-track, among others), so don’t worry about that. In case your window is covered by double-sided curtains, then you will have to place two SwitchBot Curtain on each side and synchronize them with the app.

It is configured and controlled from the mobile very easily

Once you have hooked the SwitchBot Curtain to the bar or rail, you just need to configure it with your mobile in this way:

  • Download the SwitchBot app for your Android or iPhone and open it.

SwitchBot App for Android | Download the APK


  • Select the device: Curtain, in this case.
  • Hold down the single button holding the SwitchBot Curtain (it’s on the back) for 2 seconds.
  • Then press Next on your mobile.
  • Give the gadget a name in the app.
  • Choose the type of curtain with which you are going to use it.
  • Begins the calibration of the device, moving the curtains with the buttons that you see on the screen and imitating the animation that the app presents.

That’s it! After completing these steps, the shade is ready to be used intelligently.

What can the SwitchBot Curtain do? What is a smart curtain like?

switchbot curtain rail curtain

From the SwitchBot Curtain application you can control your new smart curtains in many different ways. Here is a list of things you can do with this gadget:

  • Easily control the shades from the app: you can open or close the curtains at the touch of a button from your mobile via Bluetooth. The app lets you open or close them completely and even leave them halfway.
  • Take advantage of the light sensor to automate the curtains: this gadget has a sensor on the back that allows you to choose in the app if you want the curtains to open or close depending on the light they receive.

    • If you use it with a solar panel (which covers the sensor of the SwitchBot Curtain), don’t worry, as the solar panel has its own light sensor.
  • Set schedules or timers: from the app you can also choose at what time and day the curtains should open or close by themselves. This option is great for intuitively waking up in the morning. It is also very useful for taking advantage of sunlight and saving energy automatically. And, of course, you can also use it to scare away thieves when you are not at home.
  • Effortlessly open the curtains manually: you can activate the “Touch & Go” option in the app that makes the SwitchBot Curtain, when it detects a pull on the curtain, start up and finish opening it. Thus, you can continue to open and close your curtains manually as you have been doing until now, but without effort, since the SwitchBot Curtain will finish moving the curtains for you.
  • Activate silent mode: the app also allows you to choose between a silent mode and a performance mode. The one that works best is the performance mode, as it opens and closes the curtains quickly. In silent mode, the curtains close more slowly so as not to make noise, although if your curtains are heavy, this mode may not move them.

As you will see, this little gadget add many smart functions to your curtains. However, it can do even more things if you complement it with other gadgets from the brand.

Compatible with accessories that add more functions: voice control, remote switch …

SwitchBot sells gadgets separately for extend the functionalities of the curtains and make them seamlessly integrate into a smart home. Here are some other things you can do with a SwitchBot Curtain and its accessories:

  • Voice control your shades with Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Siri or SmartThings: to be able to use this function you have to pair the SwitchBot Curtain with an additional device called SwitchBot Hub that not only works for this, be careful.

    • The SwitchBot Hub (available in Mini and Plus variants) also works as a universal remote control for your TV, sound bar, air conditioning, fan, etc. It even allows you to control your devices from outside the home. And if the device you want to control is not in the app’s database, it has the function of learning from any remote control.
  • Create scenes and automations based on temperature: with the hub that we mentioned before you can create more personalized automations, such as closing the curtains when the temperature is 24 ° C so that the house does not get hot. Of course, to create a temperature-based automation, you must have the SwitchBot Meter thermometer.
  • Use a physical switch to open the curtains– The SwitchBot Curtain can also be controlled with a SwitchBot Remote (a switch) that you can place anywhere in your home so that anyone can open or close the curtains with a simple press of it.

Note that none of these accessories are required to motorize and make your curtains smart. But if you want to have the functions that we mentioned before, you will need them.

Do we recommend the purchase of the SwitchBot Curtain?

switchbot curtain and all its accessories

The SwitchBot Curtain seems to us a great device, very easy to use and install on any curtain, and quite useful to improve your quality of life at home. And it only costs € 65!

But if you really want to modernize your home and have super functional smart curtains, go for the complete combo that is around € 158. It includes two SwitchBot Curtain to install in double-sided curtains, the Mini Hub to control the curtains by voice, a switch and the thermometer to be able to automate scenes according to the temperature. It is the best and most complete option!

The only thing this pack does not include is the solar panel that you can buy separately for about € 20 to change. However, we believe that it is not as necessary as the other accessories, considering that you will only have to charge the SwitchBot Curtain once every 6 months. But if you are forgetful about charging the devices, then better take that responsibility off yourself by buying the solar panel.

Get the SwitchBot Bot for only € 0.82

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