Switch all Windows 10 to dark theme

Since its release in 2015, Windows 10 has never offered the ability to change the color of the entire theme. The operating system was left with the programs in black text on a white background and the Start menu in dark color. Also, the Windows taskbar (the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen) has remained black for all these years. It is now possible to change these colors with just a few clicks to customize the graphic atmosphere of the computer. This theme is called “dark” but we can also call it “black” or “dark” (for Dark mode).

You had already converted the Windows 10 settings in “black theme” (Dark mode) but we can go further by following this guide. This tutorial explains how enable Windows 10 dark app mode. The colors of the menus and programs will be inverted, that is to say switch to white texts on a black background, instead of black texts on a white background.

In addition to customizing Windows, this procedure is also a real function for improving the accessibility and ergonomics of the computer. If you can’t see the black text on a white background, that’s exactly what you need to do to make your PC more enjoyable. Visually impaired people will therefore be interested in this procedure.

Of course, the procedure is free and offered in Windows 10 without any programs to download or install. All existing programs are not necessarily compatible with this color change. If the software publisher has not provided for it, the background will remain white.

Switch Windows 10 to black theme

1. Open the start menu and the Settings Windows (cogwheel icon).

Windows 10 tutorial start menu Settings Control Panel

2. Click on ” Customization “:

Windows 10 tutorial customization settings

3. In the left menu, go to “ Colors “:

Windows 10 tutorial Settings Personalization Colors

4. Two parameters should be distinguished:

  • Choose your default Windows mode: light or dark
  • Choose your default application mode: light or dark

Originally, Windows mode is “dark” and application mode is “light”: the Windows Start menu is dark and the software has a light background (black text on a white background).

Windows 10 tutorial in clear application mode

Changing the Windows mode is also explained in this tutorial to switch to clear theme. The dark application mode option will change the background color of all software. A click on ” Dark »Will immediately change the background color of the settings, but also of software like internet browser (Chrome, Firefox), File Explorer, etc.

Windows 10 tutorial application mode dark dark black

Windows Explorer finally goes black:

Windows 10 Explorer black

Return to the clear theme (white texts on a black background)

1. Go back to Settings Windows, Customizationmenu Colors.

2. Change the ” default application mode ” for the ” Light “:

Windows 10 tutorial in clear application mode

3. Instantly, the background color of the programs will go back to white.