Surface: gain 3.5 GB of disk space

On the tablet Microsoft Surface 32 GB there is only 16 GB available for your data and applications ; 46 GB for the 64 GB version. Microsoft has thus indicated the approach to gain 3.5 GB of disk space and more.

So we will move on to 19.5 GB available for the 32 GB version and 49.5 GB for the 64 GB version.

The 3.5 GB will be earned by moving the recovery partition to a USB drive.

Attention ! Be aware that removing the backup partition is risky. If your Surface tablet ever becomes unstable and a restore is needed, it will be important that you always have the recovery USB key.

1) Open the search panel :

disk space surface tutorial 1

2) Search “ Recovery while specifying that you are doing a search in the settings.

3) Select ” Create a recovery drive accept the elevation request.

disk space 2 surface tutorial

disk space 3 surface tutorial

4) Click on “ Following » .

disk space 4 surface tutorial

5) If this is not yet the case, plug a USB key of at least 4 GB into the USB port of the tablet.

disk space 5 surface tutorial

surface disk space tutorial 6

6) “ Following ” to continue.

surface disk space tutorial 7

7) “ Create will delete all data on the USB key and start copying.

tutorial surface disk space 8a tutorial surface disk space 8c

surface disk space tutorial 9

8) After copying is complete, if you still want to recover the 3.5 GB of disk space on your tablet, click ” Delete recovery partition » .

disk space surface tutorial 10

9) Validate the deletion by clicking on ” To delete » .

The possibility of gaining some space is interesting to save a few GBon the other hand we can ask ourselves the question of theusefulness of such manipulation: the microSD slot of the tablet can accommodate cards until 64 GB.