Strikethrough text in Excel

While Excel is one of the flagship software in the Microsoft Office office suite, formatting spreadsheet cells (boxes) is an easy thing to do. All you have to do is click on an icon to change the text to italics, change the background color, increase the size of the text… But crossing out text in Excel is not as easy as underlining or making it bold.

This tutorial explains how to have strikethrough text in Excel (and not Excell, Exell or Exel). This guide was produced for Excel of Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365 and even Office Online, the web version of the spreadsheet software. It is compatible with Free office, same for Windows 10.

Microsoft Excel: strike out the text in a cell

1. Open Microsoft Office software Excel and the document with text to strike out, or create a new blank document to try out this manual.

2. Write text in a cell or select a box by clicking on it with the mouse. You can also select multiple cells, an entire row or a column from top to bottom.

tutorial text strikethrough Excel Microsoft Office

3. In the Excel menu, find the place where you can format the text (bold, font, character size) and click on the small arrow as shown below:

tutorial text strikethrough Excel Microsoft Office

4. In the Format Cells window that opened, click on the “Strikethrough” attribute to change the formatting of the text. A preview shows the result:

tutorial Microsoft Office Excel text strikethrough strikethrough

5. Text has been strikethrough in selected cells.

tutorial Microsoft Office Excel text strikethrough strikethrough

Alternative method to strike out text in Excel

1. Select cells in an Excel table.

2. Make a right click above and choose Cell Format.

3. Go to the “ Police “(Character) to check the attribute” Rod »And validate by okay.

“Power user” method

The more geeky can impress their colleagues by doing a CTRL + SHIFT + F to open the same screen, in order to validate the attribute Rod.