Strava: give a kudo to all participants of an outing

On the sports social network Strava, the kudo is the equivalent of Facebook like. Usually to congratulate acquaintances after a running, cycling, hiking or board sport outing, kudos can also be used to show off new people and hope to get one. liker in return or gain a subscriber. But in principle, the kudo is that “red thumb” that is attributed to someone for a sporting effort, a competition or a long outing. When doing a group outing, with several Strava friends, we may want to congratulate everyone once everyone has published their activity, with or without photos, with or without comments. But it is tedious to send a kudo to everyone on the outing.

This tutorial explains how to send a kudo (“like” Strava) to each participant of an outing published on Strava, whether we participated or not, whether we subscribe to these people or not. This Strava user guide can be followed with a smartphone or tablet Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad).

Congratulate everyone on Strava

1. Open the mobile application Strava.

2. Go to an activity with several participants.

3. On this activity, go down and press the button ” See the group “:

strava kudo tutorial

4. Shake the phone vigorously, from left to right.

5. A screen appears with the message ” Send Kudos to “:

  • Athletes to which you are subscribed
  • All athletes

strava kudo tutorial

6. Press one of the two options to congratulate your subscribers or all the participants on the outing. All participants have now received a ‘kudo’ on their Strava activity.