Strava: Edit an Activity in Run Mode

You have participated in an official race, whether running or cycling, with your connected watch or your computer which is linked to Strava. The sports social network displays your outing with the correct mileage but the duration is not correct, it does not correspond to the official time recorded by the race organisers. This is because Strava by default displays the “travel time” and not the “total time” of the ride. A simple parameter allows you to change the value displayed and thus not lie to yourself with a time that is more advantageous than reality.

In addition to displaying that the day’s outing was an official race, it will also change the duration of this activity. Typically, for workouts or non-categorized workouts, the “travel time” is displayed in the mobile app and on the front page of the Strava website. However, in the race, it is the total time that is taken into account, with refueling and the breaks that can be taken to breathe, urinate, sleep.

This tutorial explains how edit a Strava activity in modeRace » so that the total and real duration of the run, the cycling outing, the swimming competition is taken into account, without taking into account the break and recovery times during the sporting event.

Strava mobile app

1. Open the app Strava on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet.

2. Go to activity in question.

3. Press thetop right icon (the 3 balls) to choose ” To modify (as if to name the output).

Strava edit activity

Strava edit activity

4. Under the type of activity (Running, Cycling…), press “None” to change to “ Race » :

Strava type activity running app

5. Record modification, a red “Race” rectangle is now visible at the top left of the map.

On computer

1. Open a Web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox…) and connect to the Strava website.

2. Go to activity sports car that you have to switch to racing mode.

3. In the left menu, click on the icon in the shape of a pencil :

Strava pencil edit activity

4. In “Running type” or “Bike ride type”, change the mode to choose ” Race » :

Strava running activity type

5. Record the modification.