Start an Asus 2018/2019 on a USB key

Windows 10 is installed on your new Asus computer but you want to reinstall it from scratch with a newer version, install another version of Windows or switch to a Linux distribution? Also, for an emergency boot (antivirus, file recovery, etc.), do you need to boot from DVD / Live CD or USB stick? The manipulation is not as simple as one might imagine and requires following this tutorial to perform each step of the operation.

This guide works with recent Asus laptops (2017, 2018, 2019 and soon 2020 models), but can also be used with a desktop, all-in-one in the display or central unit, still manufactured by Asus. This tutorial was produced with an Asus R702U but must also be compatible with the R540, Vivobook, Zenbook (Pro), UX550… Do not hesitate to indicate your model in the comments to help other owners of a similar PC .

If this guide 2018/2019 version exists, it is because the Bios of the machines have evolved. Before, it only took a few seconds to start an Asus on a USB key or for install another Windows.

Start with a USB key on an Asus computer

1. Connect the USB key on a computer USB port. Prefer a USB 2.0 port instead of 3.0 (3.0 are identified by “SS” SuperSpeed ​​and are sometimes blue).

2. Start the computer and go to Bios by pressing the key F2 of the keyboard.

3. The new generation Asus Bios is displayed (BIOS Utility EZ Mode). You should see the flash drive under “USB port” but not under “Boot priority” at the top right.

tutorial Asus Bios boot usb key

4. Switch to advanced mode by pressing F7.

5. Go to the tab Boot and cross the line Fast Boot in Disabled.

6. On the tab Security, pass the line Secure Boot on Disabled.

7. Go back to the tab Boot and change CSM Support at Enabled.

8. Pass Launch PXE OptROM Policy on Enabled.

9. Save the changes (F10) and leave the Bios for to restart the computer.

10. Return to Bios (F2) and press F8 to see the boot devices: the USB key appears there.

tutorial Asus Bios boot usb key

11. To validate and see the machine boot from the USB installation key of Windows, Linux or other system.

To access the boot menu on an Asus laptop, you can also proceed as follows: with the computer off, press and hold down the Esc key while you press the Power button once to start the machine. A few moments later, we arrive at the start menu with the hard drive, the CD / DVD drive, the USB key if plugged in.