Spotify postpones Spoify HiFi package indefinitely

Spotify announced in February last year that its Spoify HiFi package is for listening to music in lossless, CD-like quality. It will be ready to open for service in some countries by 2021, but eventually disappears into the clouds without a sign. Recently, there has been more progress when the company came out to say that we do not have a clear schedule that can be disclosed at this time.

It is noticed that the reason why Spoify HiFi is not available by appointment This may be because competitors in the market were willing to lower the price of their HiFi packages all the time last year, including TIDAL, Deezer and Amazon Music, especially with Apple Music being attached to the original package. Without collecting a single baht extra, Spotify had to return to planning a new strategy.

Currently, the highest quality music from Spotify that Premium plan users can opt for is lossy with a bitrate of 320 kbps or the equivalent of 256 kbps for AAC encoding, while lossless starts at 1,411 kbps and up. go

Source: Spotify from 9to5Mac