Sony unveils wena 3 Frosted Black Edition Styled for Xperia, a smart watch band that works with regular watches

Who wants a smart watch or a smart band for exercising? and keep track of your health information But still like to wear elegant and beautiful watches (wearing 2 at a time will look a bit indie) must try to find equipment like wena 3 from Sony to use it because it is a Smart Strap or a smart watch strap that has all the features of a smart band, butSpecial that can be used as a wristband for other watches…and also released a special version wena 3 Frosted Black Edition Styled for Xperia designed to match with Xperia 1 III too!

usually wena 3 Wena 3 Frosted Black Edition Styled for Xperia (long name) is a smart watch band that can be attached to other watch cases to transform it into a smartwatch + wristwatch. The material is stainless steel in a matte black finish that matches the Xperia 1 III.

Wena 3’s screen area, which is opposite the watch face. It is a rectangular OLED color screen. Can connect to mobile phones for both Android 6 + and iOS 12 + systems, supports both step counting, heart rate monitoring, sleep detection, stress detection, VO2 Max detection and is also waterproof at the level of 5ATM.

As for other features, it comes complete with message notifications, alarm clocks, schedule appointments from Calendar, music app control, support for use as a replacement for Suica cards, so you can tap on the train or buy stuff. In addition, if connected to a compatible mobile phone like Xperia 1 III or others, it can also be used to control the camera app.

For the wena 3 Frosted Black Edition Styled for Xperia, it is a special version than the regular wena 3. In addition to using the matte black color set with the Xperia 1 III, it also comes with a hand watch case with the Sony logo as well… that civilization people must definitely like each other

wena 3 Frosted Black Edition Styled for Xperia is released in Japan as a limited edition. Only 1,000 pieces The price is 74,800 yen, or about 21,700 baht.Yes

source: Sony