Sony adjusts PS4 production plans to continue – hoping to replace PS5 that is still in short supply

An unnamed source said: Sony decides to produce around 1 million more PlayStation 4 consoles this year which is a new strategy adjustment Originally planned to discontinue production from 2021 in hopes of replacing the PlayStation 5 that was still in short supply due to a shortage of parts and semiconductor chips. Including reducing the pressure of the company in itself

PlayStation 4 is based on older technology. therefore easier to produce It’s also more affordable. Sony also views the two generations of gaming consoles as crossover compatible, with many titles being released for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation versions. 5

As for the scarce parts, it’s primarily a multifunction chip that controls the audio, power, and wireless circuitry. Even if it’s just a piece at a basic level But that’s enough to keep Sony from producing the PlayStation 5 as much as it hoped. Even if they offer expensive money to the factory However, the procurement of these parts cannot be guaranteed.

It is known that The semiconductor chip shortage crisis is affecting technology companies around the world. It’s not just Sony, even small household appliances like TVs and printers get caught up. It is predicted by TSMC and Intel that this problem will continue until at least 2023.

source: Bloomberg