Sonni Pacheco Age, Net Worth, Wallpapers & Biography

Sonni Pacheco Biography- Here, we have the bio-data of the actress Sonni Pacheco. Very little information about her private life is known to the public as she did not reveal the information about herself.

Birth Place:Canada
Profession:Model, Actress
Height:5 feet 8 inches (1.73m)
Net Worth:N/A
Ethnicity:North American
North AmericanCanadian
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Eye Color:Green
Waist Size:24 inch

Sonni Pacheco Age, Net Worth, Wallpapers & Biography

Sonni Pacheco is a model even though she has played the role of an actress in many movies. She is also a successful actress and a model. She has also appeared in many magazines and many commercial advertisements. She is the spokesperson for monster energy drinks. She is most remembered for playing a splendid wet T-shirt girl in an American movie Pie Presents: The Book of love. She has also worked as a stand-in in the movie ghost protocol, where she met her husband, Jeremy.

Sonni Pacheco has also appeared in the 2012 movie The Wingman, and these are the only things of her that made her popular among the public. She is mostly known for her personal life, and not much of her biodata information is available.

Sonni Pacheco Net worth

The work of Sonni as a model got her name and fame and also considerable net worth. An Instagram profile of her says that she is the realtor at the Beverly Hills and even one art whose sculptor features on her page. After the divorce, it was decided by the court that she will get $13K from her husband every month. She is also supposed to get 5% of her husband’s total amount, i.e., $2.4 million. She did not receive any money as the spousal support from her husband.

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Why Was Her Marriage a Secret?

The young and beautiful actress Sonni met Jeremy for the first time on the movie mission impossible: Ghost protocol. Soon after this, they fell in love with each other and started dating. They began to live together and got a baby girl Ava Berlin Renner from Jeremy. After ten months of their baby girl’s birth, she married her boyfriend, Jeremy, in a secret ceremony.  The main reason they got married secretly was that they didn’t want the media to follow them everywhere.

The reason for actress Sonni to get married to the actor who was 20 years elder to her revealed the reason after she filed for divorce from Jeremy. They separated after the birth of their baby for a short period but were back together again to better their baby girl. But after a year of their marriage, they got divorced.

Sonni Pacheco Early life                          

It is said that Sonni Pacheco is 28 years old, but her exact date of birth is not revealed. She has not shown her bio-data in any of her interviews, and hence there is very less of her information available. She is having American nationality and has also appeared in many American movies. She has not been acting for quite a long time, but she will soon make a comeback as an actress in the film. She has mostly revealed her struggle with her husband and her divorce-related issues.

Sonni Pacheco Personal life

Sonni Pacheco and Jeremy met each other in 2012 and started dating as soon as they met. Dating turned into an affair, which led to the birth of their daughter Ava Berlin on 28th March 2013. After one year of birth of their daughter, the couple got married on 24th September 2014. The marriage ceremony was done very secretly. They never wanted to disclose their personal life to the public, but unfortunately, their divorce had become a public affair. Just after ten months of their marriage, they filed for a divorce. Before the first anniversary of a marriage, the divorce had been filed. The news about their divorce had come out to the public just after three months of their story about marriage. This beautiful model filed for divorce in the year 2014 and finally got the separation in 2015, and they shared the custody of the child and had no problem with the visiting rights.

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Sonni Pacheco Date of birth

Sonni Pacheco is 28 years old; however, her real birth date is never disclosed to the public.

Unknown Facts About Sonni

Sonni Pacheco and Jeremy had a very short marriage, and everyone wants to know about Sonni Pacheco’s life.

  1. She is an actress in Hollywood movies. She initially became an actress and then a model.
  2. She got married to the known actor Jeremy for a short period.
  3. She was born in British Columbia in Vancouver in a small city.
  4. She grew up on a farm having many animals, and she had a frog as her pet animal.
  5. She was a model in Canada and years later moved to Mexico to try new things.
  6. Her job was for a short time, and again she continued with her modeling career.
  7. She worked as a model for lingerie brand and also a spokesperson for monster energy drinks.
  8. She played the role of a splendid wet T-shirt girl in an American movie.
  9. She has not revealed any information about her private life to the public, but her divorce made most of her private life open in front of the audience.
  10. The couple Sonnia Pacheco and Jeremy met on the sets of Mission Impossible: – Ghost Protocol.
  11. She had a very short-lived career as well as a short-term marriage.

5 Things To Know About Her

  1. she has a daughter named Ava Berlin Renner

Sonni gave birth to her and Jeremy’s daughter on 28th March 2013. They called her Ava Berlin Renner.

  1. Sonni and Jeremy met on the set.

Sonni and Jeremy’s fist met on the set of mission: impossible ghost protocol. Jeremy was a co-starring alongside Tom Cruise, and Sonni was a stand-in.

  1. She is a Canadian model and actress.
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Sonni had been working as a model for lingerie. She had also worked as a spokesperson for monster energy drinks. Sonni starred in 2009, direct to the DVD movie American Pie Presents: Book of love.

  1. Sonni is 20 years younger than Jeremy.

Sonni is 20 years younger than Jeremy. Jeremy is 43 years old, and Sonni is 23 years old. This makes her 20 years younger. Sonni and Jeremy together proved that when there is love, age doesn’t matter.

  1. Sonni and Jeremy Broke up before the birth of their little one.

Before Sonni and Jeremy welcomed their daughter, they had to split up. After the birth of Ava Berlin Renner, Sonni moved with Jeremy. They rekindled and had to the web after just a year.

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