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In recent years, platforms that offer video streaming have invaded the Internet. And this, to the delight of fans of binge-watching. However, streaming issues can ruin a home cinema session. So here you will find the main problems and how to solve them. We’ll also tell you how a VPN can greatly improve your streaming experience.

Videos jerky or frozen in frame

While watching a football match of your favorite team, the video freezes? Cropped or jerky videos while streaming are a common problem, but they are not inevitable.

Have a good internet connection

For good quality streaming, it is essential to have a sufficiently powerful and stable internet speed.

The main reason for jerky viewing is a weak internet connection. We therefore advise you to check the speed of your connection. If you don’t have the speed you should have, it could be because your Wi-Fi signal is too weak. If you have the option, a wired connection is ideal. Also make sure your network is secure, to prevent all your neighbors from using your connection.

If after having checked all the parameters and you do not have the required speed, it is advisable in this case to contact your internet provider.

Avoid buffering issues

A streaming video that hangs can come from the buffer memory. In that case, pause your flow a moment in order to let the loading take place. When you restart playback, it will certainly have helped, and you will be able to finish your movie bug-free.

Apps and programs open in the background may be preventing smooth streaming. So do not hesitate to close them during your viewing if they are not useful.

Use a VPN to take full advantage of video streaming

The definition of a VPN is that it is a virtual private network, to allow users to secure their internet connection. A VPN acts like a encrypted tunnel through which your internet activity passes.

Improve your connection speed with a VPN

By encrypting your internet connection with VPN, your internet service provider, or ISP, cannot see your internet traffic. This way your ISP cannot limit your bandwidth.

a VPN will therefore greatly improve your connection speed while streaming, since there will be no blocking or limitation of your ISP or the Wi-Fi network you are using.

Eliminate geographic restrictions on streaming

One of the major concerns of streaming viewing concerns geographic restrictions. This is the case, for example, with the Netflix platform: the US catalog is much more provided, but is not accessible from France. Ditto for watching the matches of your favorite teams from foreign leagues, such as the Bundesliga.

By changing your IP address, a VPN locates you anywhere in the world. Thus, there are no more geographical restrictions to stream, and you have unlimited football or cinema nights.

Is it legal to use a VPN for streaming?

Yes of course, because we are talking about legal streaming platforms here. Some sites offer content that is copyrighted, but without permission. And it is these sites that are illegal.

So in addition to being legal, using a VPN allows you to use a public Wi-Fi network safely by encrypting your data so you can stream your favorite shows. This can be of great use, for example, when you are traveling and do not have your own internet connection. But this of course implies that the Wi-Fi network you are connected to is powerful enough.

The problems that you may encounter while watching streaming videos such as video stopping are therefore not irrecoverable. Defining a VPN will surely have made you realize that this virtual network can be of great help to you. The speed and stability of the internet connection is often the root of the problem when streaming. If all these settings are working correctly, viewing problems may come from your computer which is not powerful enough.

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