#SmartDub, the Dubsmash app for Windows Phone

In the absence of an official Dubsmash application, which exists on Android and iPhone but not on Windows Phone, presentation of #SmartDub which follows the same principle.

As often, the official applications are ported to iOS and Android but not to Windows Phone. This absence is filled here by WindowsFacile which offers owners of Nokia Lumia and other WP smartphones to take advantage of the Dubsmash phenomenon.

Download the free #SmartDub app

On Windows Store from the phone or via this Microsoft official link.

dubsmash app smartdub windows phone

Use #SmartDub

Start the #SmartDub application and choose a sound from the long list. The folders offer themes and the search function allows you to directly find a movie quote or a song extract.

The recording starts, characterized by the red dot: it’s up to you to mime the words of the chosen sound!

For smartphones that have two cameras, it is possible to switch from the front to the one on the back of the device, for example to film your friends.

After recording, one can easily review the recorded video and share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter, SMS/MMS, email, etc.

dubsmash app smartdub windows phone

The list of available sounds grows as the app updates.

You can even add your own sounds in #SmartDub!

The “my videos” page shows all your recordings, so it’s easy to review, share or even delete them.

dubsmash app smartdub windows phone

To create a video with multiple recorded footage, just use the apps MovieMaker (paid) or MovieCreator (free).

Feel free to leave a comment to improve the #SmartDub app!