Top 10+ Sites like Solarmovie / Solarmovie Alternatives

Sites like Solarmovie-Nowadays Watching movies online is one of the most popular trends for people.  Previously there used to be a time when watching movies by going to the theatre was a pattern, but it has been started to get replaced by online movie streaming which features the latest videos from every genre.  If you following this trend, then you must know about the most popular online streaming site solar movie.  Solarmovie was one of the most popular and widely used movie sites that offer links to watch the latest videos online for free.

Because of the convenience of the Internet, watching movies and videos online has been trending these days.  If you live to enjoy movies online, then you must have tried SolarMovie, a free video streaming website that offers tons of movies and television shows.  Want more sites like SolarMovie t find more stuff and looking for suggestions? Well, there are many popular movie sites like SolarMovie and can be utilised as SolarMovie alternatives.

But don’t worry we are here to solve your problem, we’ve done proper research on alternatives to solar movies and found some great sites which are like solar movies and here we are going to share with you.  Keep in mind you may not get what original cosmic video was offering, but these sites are enough to full fill your needs for free movies.  So without further ado, let’s get started.

Here a list of the best sites which are quite similar to Solarmovie.



Nowadays, people want more when it comes to online streaming.  And for them, Sites like Vumoo is a fantastic site to try not only you get the choicest movies in here, but also the documentary collection of this particular online movie site is excellent.  The best of this is free.  You can watch unlimited movies and videos for free with Vumoo.

It has the largest database of the movies approximate 60,000 movies.  This is one of the best alternative sites, like a solar movie.  It doesn’t charge any cost to watch videos online.  Just get yourself registered with your account and you are all set to enter the world of free video streaming online.

Vumoo is a fantastic alternative for the people who can not browse Netflix.  They provide you with various streams for the same option, and each one is derived from the third party.


Yify held the regions of the pirate world for about five years before it was shut down in 2015.  Though it had started as a torrent-uploader, it quickly gained momentum and developed an entire website dedicated to free movie streaming.  People loved Yify for consistently offering files in the smallest size possible, despite having the best video resolution.

Yify is considered as a high-quality replacement for SolarMovie.  One fantastic thing is that you can watch all the movies in HD for free and that’s why it stands here as one of the best of SolarMovie alternatives to watch streaming movies online.

Though Yify is a great online movie website, it doesn’t directly provide the movies on their site.  Instead, the streaming is offered by a 3rd party.


Every online movie watcher dream is lesser ads and high-quality movies.  Ya, that dreams come true when you watch a film from the Haloa Movies.  This site is not the same a the sites that are similar to SolarMovie.  In this particular site, you get the details for the movie that you are going to watch.See also  Download Media Player Classic for Windows 10

Haloa has a hamburger icon to the top-left so you can skirt around the chaos by merely choosing a genre that suits your taste.  You could even filter the content as per its popularity, rating or date of release. Similar to Yes Movies, Haloa Moves also shows the IMDB rating and plot brief when you point your cursor on a thumbnail.  Again, this is not a site for TV show bingers so of that’s what you prefer. You can skip this.


Movie Watcher has a straightforward design with an interface that is very easy to understand.  It is quite similar to Solarmovie in that it provides streaming links from various quality sources to watch a plethora of movies and TV series.

The service ensures the best video quality with fast loading speeds and hence, only scours out highly reliable links.  The Movie Watcher gets you a free pass to movie land by bringing these fantastic videos right to your computer.  It is on this site that you will get to watch every single movie that has been released and that too at a lightning-fast speed.

This site is as if the GODFATHER of online movie streaming sites and is an excellent SOLAR MOVIE ALTERNATIVE.


Rainierland site gives you exactly what the visitors are looking for and what type of video content they want. Watch the newest videos online by browsing videos of different genres of TV series and movies.  The Website designed is well arranged and is very simple and easy to handle.  To make the uncomplicated search of any videos, you can enter the shows name in the search bar.

Find the seasons of any TV Series and watch them at any time you want in the high-quality video.  This site provides a neat user interface that is easy to navigate.  Overall, Rainierland gives a great alternative to a solar movie with a lot of quality links to stream movies and series.

One can watch any TV series without registering.  I think it is the best thing about RainierLand since most movie websites ask for registration which bothers some users.


People from different nations love to visit this site all due to the collection they contain on their website.  The site gets a massive selection of daily all due to its superb feature which is loaded into it.  There is a search option too on this site which is the best in the class which helps us to go an instant search.

YesMovies look like a premium website that offers all the latest movies.  But here you will not need any paid subscription to access the content.  All the videos on Yes-movies can be played at a single click without any signup.

YesMovies is one of the best online movies you like.

Because of this site, you can easily and quickly find the movie that you like.  If your internet is speed is decent, then Yes Movies can be your top choice for watching online videos.  There is always a slideshow running on the site telling you upcoming latest movies.  Besides movies, you can also watch TV series on Yes Movies.See also  Download Windows 10 (May 2021 Update) for Windows


You can sort thousands of movies based on various genres and years.  This site is a great way to watch some fantastic biographies too.  This site provides multiple languages, with no need to worry about communication.  Just like other sites as if Solarmovies lists.  You can search for some good stuff from their collection if you are not able to find a movie name in the relevant genre.  Here we have a massive selection of Tv series too so that no fans feel let down.  This site proves to be a great companion for movie lovers.

It is the best online watch movie site for movie buffs.  It has the collection of all types of movies, TV shows, dramas, video songs as well as this site provides all kinds of language movies. You can watch the film online as well as download them.  You can select your favourite movie from the available genres.

New Movie online is one of the best websites for the lists

Like Solarmovie.  This site as several collections of movies as well as TV shows of different genres.  The genres of the film on the website of New Movie Online are Action, biography, Fantasy, Horror and lots more.  But before watching the film, you can check the trailer and then click to watch the video of the movie.


Are you seeking to visit the sites like a solar movie? I like that hen it is suggested that HULU offers a complete package of entertainment.  It is one of the rarest websites where you several types of movies and TV shows are available.

Hulu has become one of the most popular websites for people who want to watch quality television shows and movies online.  Hulu Plus, the TV portion of the site, completes somewhat with Netflix but offers currently with airing selections that the others dos not have.

This is great for viewers in the United States watching Hulu outside the US is not currently available.  Hulu is one such platform where you can get whatever video you want and whenever you want.  However, this site is not entirely free, but you get a free trial of a whole month before you have to pay for it.

It has 50 above live on-demand channels as per the request of customers.  However, the live TV plan can cost you $40 per month.   But every penny is worth paying.

You can browse Hulu on your Android, Xbox One, Apple TV and can watch live on-demand channels on it.  The standard plan of Hulu coss you only $7.99 per month and it allows you to stream movies and videos on whatever device you want.

Movies 4K:

This movie 4k is the world’s largest movie libraries where you can find any videos. Stream Movies or TV shows into complete HD quality into the Movie 4k site.  Movie watching access is free. There is no need to go for any registration to watch videos on the website is free with no charges into it.See also  Download Telegram for Windows

The available streaming video qualities are 1080p, 720p, 360p, Bluray, CAM, DVD, and so on.  Select any movies or TV serials from the video library of a Movie4k site and play them instantly.

They do not directly stream the movie on their site but provides working links for the same film.  So that viewers always have options with them.  You can get at least 4to five links of the same media so that you automatically have some options with you.

You can even upload your movies on this site to contribute to their database.  They have a section named XXX which means each and everything for everyone.

You can’t get online streaming through this site, but you get tons of links where you can quickly get the same movie.  It has a collection of old movies as well as the latest TV show series, films and so on.  While choosing Sites like Solarmovie, this is my preferred alternative.  It has all types of movies so that you select that genre according to your choice, then select the video of it and watch online.


123Movies deserves 1st place in the list of top 5 sites like Solarmovie due to this impressive look and the movie streaming quality.  The best thing about 123Movies is you can watch movies, TV series, episodes, and animate in one place.

I was quite surprised to see this movie layout.  It is very professional, unlike other movies.  It offers all the most genre movies.  To watch a particular genre movie, click on Genre option which you will see at the top of the Website on the left code and select your desired genre option from the list like Action, Drama, Sport and so on.  Whatever you want to prefer.

123Movies is easy to use a site like Solarmovie. It is equipped with a user-friendly interface; it means navigating through the website is a simple task.  You can search for the movie that you want to watch.  It contains a vast list of genres to choose from.


Do you know that this is my best favourite site that allows me anytime to watch the movie free from online I haven’t paid anything to this site to watch and I am getting unlimited fun by using this site? So that’s y I thought I would like to share this kind of best site like rainiertamayo and when we are getting bored in our home this site allow make me happy to make fun with full of HD format as I also shared some best cartoon HD that helps the children to watch a cartoon in online free.

No need to pay anything for this site u can watch unlimited fun with your family and friends. Some of the places I have seen online are allowing the user to watch the movie free online, but they never let the user watch complete videos. So in this particular case, I have added some mind-blowing point to use this site for free movies online without downloading or signing up Do check out complete info about this site and lemme know if you have any comment in the box.

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