Simply add BlockChains to Metamask

Are you interested in cryptocurrency? We have written various tutorials, in particular on how to secure your Metamask.

THE’addition of Blockchains like Polygon / Binance Smart Chain is not necessarily simple. You must enter all the necessary values ​​corresponding to the protocol.

ChainList allows you to add Blockchains to your Metamas in two clicks (for example, add the Binance Smart Chain).

Some Important Reminders on Metamask

Metamask is a extension available on Google Chrome, Firefox and the Brave web browser. The simple configuration of a Metamask wallet is not sufficient to secure your cryptocurrencies.

Indeed the Challenge is a dangerous world where the Smarts Contracts can be infected.

It is therefore essential to secure your Metamask using a hardware Wallet such as Ledger.

To use the ChainList application you must have configured your Metamask, that is to say to have created the passphrase but also configure your password.

Once this step is successful, you must connect to the ChainList site:

On the interface you must connect your Wallet at the top right

Chainlist connection wallet metamask
Connect your Metamask Wallet.

Then in the search bar choose the blockchain, for example Binance Smart Chain or Fantom.

Chainlist Fantom example
Click on Add To Metamask

A window is displayed to accept the addition of the BlockChain

chainlist approval
Click on Approve

Congratulations you have added a BlockChain in your Metamask Wallet!

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