Signal 2021 app download link

The Signal application witnessed a very big explosion for a large number of users. The company that developed the Signal chatting application announced from its profile on the Twitter program that it has achieved a huge growth that has reached nearly five times its user base for Android; This has inflated the number of downloads to more than fifty million downloads of the Signal application.

Signal app

Signal 2021 app download 3 300x171 - Signal 2021 app download link
Signal 2021 app download link

The Signal application has become one of the most popular applications among the countries of the world, as it is the first free program in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Signal is a messaging app or chatting app just like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, but this app we are talking about aims towards extreme privacy and security for everyone who uses it.

The application is free and available on all Android and Apple systems, in addition to the importance of attention and keen interest in security, as it includes all the messaging tools that you need for all conversations, including all read receipts, and also contains emoji, group chats, video calls and regular.

In addition, in the WhatsApp application, the Signal program is used for the phone number; This is in order to identify all the contacts you have on your phone.

Signal app for pc

Signal 2021 app download 300x171 - Signal 2021 app download link
Signal 2021 app download link

The Signal Private Messenger application is among the free applications that have achieved very great success, as many users of the application wished to use it on the iPhone, and all Android devices with the full desktop application such as WhatsApp.

That wish was actually fulfilled a short time ago; The Signal desktop application has been released, which becomes available to the owner of mobile devices on the iPhone system at the present time..

Signal Desktop Signal is one of the multi-platform messaging applications through which it is possible to communicate with relatives and friends, the process of exchanging text messages, or even making voice and video calls, all correspondence is securely encrypted.

The Signal program for the computer via platforms is based on an open code that encrypts all data at the level of the last device, thus it is a guarantor of the absolute confidentiality of the communication, with the help of the program you can carry out the communication process, whether in a private chat or in a group.

In addition to the possibility of communicating and exchanging all kinds of different files, and making voice and video calls, which is available with all the features of the freely available program that is in your hands now.

Once the process of installing the Signal application on your personal device, you will receive messages on your mobile phone and computer at the same time, just download the program by clicking on the direct link registered in the official website from Here, then scan the QR code with the light; This is for the process of linking the mobile and desktop version together.

Signal app

Signal is the basic encrypted messaging and communication software for Android and iOS that is available on all computers for all Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems.

The Signal app was first announced in 2014 and was developed by the developer security engineer who is backed by a non-profit organization.

How to operate the Signal app

The application works in a manner identical to the WhatsApp application, as we previously mentioned to you at the beginning of our conversation about it; This is because it works directly and without paying additional fees, as it is among the free Google Play applications available on mobile devices.

Signal app for iphone

Signal application for iPhone After the WhatsApp team renewed the private policy, it imposed a very large participation to update data with Facebook applications. the previous.

Is Signal app safe?

A very important question. The user who wants to download and install Signal certainly wants to know the answer to the question. The program provides a very important feature called person-to-person encryption, as it is the program for an open source protocol system, in order to maintain the security and safety of the conversation between the two people or Messages and calls all the time.

The program is completely away from the presence of tracking or disavowal ads that cause noise or inconvenience to the user, in addition to that the program performs a backup process for each user..

Is there a difference between Signal and WhatsApp?

Several security and privacy experts have stated that Signal has an added layer of protection that goes far beyond WhatsApp, especially after it had to deal with a lot of bugs in the previous year.

In the overview, it was found that the two applications have a clear similarity, so the users of both applications use a phone number, and the application gives access to the history of calls in the phone, but the two applications differ in several points as it is clear in that: …

Signal is an open source app

The two applications use end-to-end encryption technology, which means that messages cannot be decrypted while sending them between multiple devices, but the main difference between the two applications is the Signal Open Source application.

Backup encryption

Although there are no objections to WhatsApp messages during transmission, the application stores information such as interactions between its users when the Internet connection occurs.

There is no protection for WhatsApp backups via the Internet, it is possible to use restoring messages when they get a new phone easily.

The Signal app allows all Android devices to backup their chats and restore them again, but this requires decryption with a thirty-digit password.

Signal Screen Security

Signal application, through which you can activate a distinct feature called screen security, found in the privacy settings, and this feature prevents other applications on the phone, and prevents you from taking screenshots of conversations in the application, and in this way you can be sure that there are other applications that save private tags Tab for all the activities you do on the phones.

Signal does not have ads included

All those in charge of the Signal application say that there is no plan for the presence of ads at the present time, and the WhatsApp application also had similar promises at the beginning, but this is considered a change after the Facebook acquisition of it, in addition to that it is completely excluded from this happening with the Signal application.

Signal alternative to WhatsApp

There are some features of WhatsApp in which it is possible to subscribe using a personal phone number, which is sent after sending a message containing an activation code like other applications in the same field..

The application has a very secure encryption between people in order to maintain privacy..

Senegalese features

Signal also has the most important additional features like that..

  • The app is open source, and it is owned by an organization called Open Whisper Systems.
  • Characterized by person-to-person encryption of outgoing communications in which texts and media are exchanged.
  • The Signal WhatsApp alternative uses protocol encryption and means testing an application from the developers to test for any programmer errors, which makes it highly reliable and secure.
  • It never collects personal data.
  • Send an invitation to accept join in groups.
  • Support for all Windows, MICOS, and Linux operating systems.
  • Download Signal from Google Play Here.

We talked about its most important features Application Signal sweeps the Google Play arena, and the official website approved for it, due to its features and recipes that make everyone start to download it and then install it, and enjoy everything that the producing and founding company offers to it..

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