Set a photo as wallpaper

This simple and easy-to-perform procedure explains how change your computer’s background image. It works for all versions of Windows (Vista, Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10) and you will thus have your family photo or an image found on the internet as the background of your computer, displayed each time you start your PC.

You just need to have the photo already saved on the computer. If it is a photo taken with your phone, you can send it by email to your own email address and thus retrieve it on the PC, to save it on the hard drive of the machine. If it is an image found on a website, a simple “right click, save image as” will keep a copy of that image on the computer.

Change the Windows wallpaper

1. Go to the computer folder where the photo is located, for example in the Windows “Pictures” library.

2. Make a right click on the image and choose ” Choose as desktop background “.

Windows wallpaper

3. The photo is now in the background of your Desktop.

Note: Windows 8.1 allows you to display this photo in the background of the welcome screen. For it, read this tutorial Where this one for Windows 10.