Send New Year’s greetings to multiple people in WhatsApp (with mailing lists)

The end of the year is coming and of course you want to wish all your friends and family a happy new year. You can often forget to make a call at 12 noon, but a WhatsApp message is beep in no time. We show you how to send a New Year’s greeting to several people in WhatsApp with mailing lists. Then you can quickly get on with the partying!

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WhatsApp: New Year’s wish to several people

If you want to send all your friends and relatives a New Year’s wish separately, you are still busy. Calling or video calling around the turn of the year often does not work and that is so annoying.

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That’s why it’s more convenient to wish all your friends and family happy new year via WhatsApp at once. That almost always works, and you can quickly continue partying! You do this with the help of a mailing list. The recipient will not notice this and it will seem as if you are sending a personal message. You can read how to do that below.

Send a New Year’s greeting in WhatsApp to several people

  1. Open WhatsApp, tap ‘Chats’ and scroll up;
  2. Tap on ‘Mailings’, ‘New List’ and select the people you want to send the New Year’s greetings to;
  3. Tap ‘Create’ and you can type your New Year’s greeting in the text box;
  4. Tap the arrow to send the greeting to your mailing list.

Everyone on the mailing list will receive your message. They must also have your number in their address book, otherwise they will not receive your message. WhatsApp has done this to prevent spam and unwanted messages as much as possible.

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New year wishes via WhatsApp with gifs

A simple New Year’s greeting is of course nice, but you can make it even more fun with a moving picture or a gif. You can send this mini video to one person or everyone you know with the mailing list. You do this in the following way.

  • On a chat or mailing list, in the text box (where you normally type your text), tap the square with a folded corner;
  • Tap ‘GIF’ at the bottom and the magnifying glass on the left;
  • Search for ‘New year’ or ‘new year’ and choose one of the moving pictures;
  • With the buttons at the top right you can add text, stickers or your own doodles;
  • Type a message in the text box and tap the arrow to send the wish.

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