See: these are the best smartphone photographers in the world

Gone are the days when smartphones were only used for simple screenshots. There are many photographers who make the most beautiful creations with their phone. Wondering who to watch on Insta? These are the best smartphone photographers in the world!

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You need to follow these smartphone photographers

There are still many photographers who turn up their noses at smartphones. And admittedly, if you regularly record weddings, your phone is not the right device to do so. Fortunately, there are plenty of genres within photography that lend themselves excellently to the smartphone. Therefore, many people are active on Instagram who conjure up the most beautiful creations from their device. These six smartphone photographers are among the best in the world!

Dominika Koszowska

Colorful colors and cool perspectives: Sony Ambassador Dominaka Koszowska’s photos pop off the screen. This Polish photographer is active in many different genres, but we are mainly a fan of her beautiful landscapes. Just look at the beautiful reflection below.

Best smartphone photographers

Cocu Liu

Coco Liu, who lives in San Francisco, is a master of atmospheric street photography. With warm and gloomy colors, he knows how to capture the spirit of his city excellently. He also shows that night photography is nowadays possible with your phone.

best smartphone photographers

Julia Isaak

For better architectural photography, you need to be with Julia Isaak. She cuts buildings out of context, giving all your attention to shapes and lines. The pastel colors reinforce the impression that these ornate constructions do not really exist. But they do.

best smartphone photographers

José Luis Sáez

Spaniard José Luis Sáez also focuses on architecture, but in a completely different way. He opts for a raw black and white look and often uses people to make the scale of the constructions clear. The result is very tough photos, which radiate robustness.

best smartphone photographers

Mariko Klug

You can see from the price box that Mariko Klug is one of the best smartphone photographers in the world. The German won several awards with his work, in which fog and mist almost always play a major role. It is also characteristic that his photographs often look like paintings.

best smartphone photographers

Charles Read

Charles Read’s records revolve around atmosphere. Whether he is shooting portraits, taking pictures on the street or showing abstract work, you immediately think of a story. Sometimes the photos also have a political charge. Although they often look a bit gloomy, the screenshots still radiate heat.

Best smartphone photographers

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Wie is your favorite smartphone photographer? Or do you like to go out and shoot beautiful shots yourself? Let me know in the comments!