Search in Outlook does not work? Try it!

Outlook has long been a favorite e-mail program for Microsoft users. It is the primary email client for many companies thanks to its convenient task management and automation features.

Over the last few years, Outlook has undergone numerous changes and the latest version now allows Windows Search to be used for enhanced search functionality. This feature was first introduced in Outlook 2016, but a recent update seems to disrupt this feature.

Outlook Search today uses Windows Search to provide a much faster experience by using indexed search results. Because Windows 11 is fairly new, Microsoft has released regular updates to fix and resolve persistent bugs. It seems that the latest update disrupts Outlook Search for many users due to the built-in functionality to use Windows Search.

This is a known issue and Microsoft has acknowledged it. The company has recently released a permanent solution that you can read in this article. This is how it works.

Search in Outlook does not work

The change we are going to make works through the Windows registry. Before you begin, I recommend one back up the Windows registry or one to create restore point on your Windows 11 computer.

Right-click the start button. Click Run on the menu. In the Run window type: regedit.

In the Windows registry, copy and paste the following line into the address bar.


Then right-click on the free space, right-click, and then click Key.


Name this key


WindowsSearch key

Then click the WindowsSearch key, and then right-click New, and then click DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Create new dword value

Give this DWORD value next name


Double-click PreventIndexingOutlook and change the value data to “1” without quotes. Click OK.


Close the Windows registry and restart your computer. It should now be possible to search in Outlook again.

If it still does not work then you can Restore Office.

I hope you have helped with this. Thanks for reading!

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