Search engine market share

Here is a state of market share of search engines used worldwide in July 2017. These most recent statistics confirm Google’s monopoly on the whole planet, with the exception of one country or another. The American giant has largely won against Yahoo, Bing, MSN, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Baidu, AOL and the others.

These statistics are given by StatCounter, a web tracker that measures the audience of websites, and formatted by WRI.

Ranking of search engines in France

With 90% of internet searches in July 2017, Google succeeded in establishing itself widely in France. Apart from people who do not know how to install a browser other than Microsoft Edge Where Internet Explorer get stuck with Bingwhile DuckDuckGo is used by as many internet users as there are Linux fans.

statistics search engine market share France 2017

Use of search engines in the United States

In the same summer month of 2017, American Internet users also favor Google Search in 87% of cases but the second and third place on the podium are disputed by Bing and Yahoo, engines which also have a partnership agreement. Others crawlers are far behind: AOL, Duck Duck or the malware favorite

USA search engine market share statistics 2017

Global search engine market share

On a planetary scale, uses vary little with Google which takes 92% of the market share of research in July 2017 on desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet. The arrival of alternatives like Baidu and Yandex is linked to their success in their respective countries, China and Russia.

statistics world search engine market share 2017