Save your Windows 10 VPN connection configuration

With telecommuting I’m sure the word VPN (Virtual Private Network) speaks to you. Companies implement this solution for you allow access to company resources from outside. Even if the VPN clients are numerous on Windows 10 (OpenVpn / Forticlient / Native Windows Solution) you can save the VPN configuration.

The backup makes it possible to reinstall the VPN connection as quickly as possible but also to install it very quickly on all the workstations of the computer park. Here is a tutorial for save your VPN connection on Windows 10

The remote connections appear with your network cards. Usually a VPN client will create a virtual network adapter that communicates with the client.

A connection is established and allows you to access company data in a secure manner. Indeed, an encrypted tunnel is made between your computer and the company network.

The files are actually stored in your Windows profile so it’s pretty straightforward to” export the settings.

PBK folder search

The PBK folder in your profile keeps your different settings. It is then possible to export:

  • The router’s IP address / DNS name
  • Connection protocols (L2TP / IPSEC / PPP …
  • Network settings

For security reasons, the private key (Pre-Share Key) is not exported as well as the login and password

To export your PBK file, go here:

C: Users YourLogin AppData Roaming Microsoft Network Connections

To access it quickly, just press WIndows + R and enter this command:


We then arrive on our file:

In our file we find our different connections

pbk content

Save the PBK folder

The procedure is very simple you have to copy paste your PBK folder on a USB key or other medium. On the different stations you simply have to copy paste pbk folder in the same place, i.e. here% appdata% Microsoft Network Connections

Replace the content, you should find your settings. It is now necessary add the pre-shared key in the settings.

windows 10 vpn setting

We access our VPN connections we will then edit the pre-shared key

Here is the list of vpn for Tutos-Informatique, by clicking on it then on modify we will modify the pre-shared key

Then on the edit button

edit button

We will then add the key and possibly the login and password.

vpn setting

Well done you have restored your VPN connection settings on Windows 10

Third-party tools to back up your VPN connection

There are third-party tools as well, my favorite is Dialupass. It was designed by Nirsoft and it also allows you to see the security key, but be careful, antiviruses will see it as a virus.

You see the various information such as the IP address, login, password and shared key.

Dialupass allows you to export the information in a TXT file.

This tool also works for older versions of Windows like Windows 7 and Windows 8

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