Save and import the configuration from Google Chrome

Sometimes the Google Chrome internet browser is faulty and it must be reinstalled, at the risk of losing all of its data (favorites, settings, extensions, etc.). To guard against such loss of information, we will see how save the user profile of the Google Chrome browser and put it back on a new computer. This operation is also valid in the case of a change of computer, to find his Chrome profile on the new PC.

If the Chrome software has stability issues, doing this will not fix it. Saving the full profile will transfer the concerns to the other computer.

Google Chrome: save the user profile configuration

1. Close the software Google Chrome.

2. Open a Windows File Explorer and copy / paste this path in the address bar :
% LOCALAPPDATA% Google Chrome User Data

tutorial back up user profile Google Chrome browser

Or scroll down This PC> Local disk> Users> Username > AppData> Local> Google> Chrome> User Data to go there by hand.

3. Locate the folder ” default In the directory list.

tutorial back up user profile Google Chrome browser

4. Copy this folderdefault ”On a USB key or an external disk to make a backup. You can also compress this folder in a zip file and send it to a cloud like OneDrive, Hubic or Dropbox.

This directory contains, among other things, information concerning the configuration of the Google Chrome software, synchronization or browsing session. The Bookmarks file (without extension) contains the saved favorites.

Google Chrome: restore user profile configuration

1. On the new computer or after reinstalling Windows, install google chrome first by following this tutorial.

2. Open the following folder:
% LOCALAPPDATA% Google Chrome User Data

Or go manually to This PC> Local Disk> Users> Username > AppData> Local> Google> Chrome> User Data

3. Enter the folderdefault ” and delete content (only the content, not the default folder).

4. From the USB key or the external drive, go to the folderdefaultpreviously saved and copy content of this backup.

5. Return to the “default” folder of the new computer to paste the contents of the backup intodefault “.

6. The Google Chrome browser has thus found its favorites, its display settings and the rest of its configuration.