Samsung to Update Object Eraser in One UI 4.1 – Adds the ability to remove shadows and reflections with AI

The Object Eraser feature for removing objects from images has been available on Galaxy phones for a while, but Samsung hid the feature in the Photo Editor’s “Labs” menu for some reason. Others may not know, however, this feature is still evolving. One blogger discovered that Object Eraser will be upgraded to add new functionality to One UI 4.1.

Material IT claims that in addition to the usual object removal, the new version of Object Eraser can also remove unwanted shadows and reflections from images. which will be processed by artificial intelligence Just tap the button Automatically delete immediately

One UI 4 on Android 12 is the latest version at the moment, and there is no word on when Samsung will release One UI 4.1. But we may see it for the first time in the upcoming Galaxy S22, as the One UI 3.1 comes with the Galaxy S21 as well.

Source: Materials