Samsung smiles… smartphone market share The highest growth in 5 years, benefiting from the Galaxy A and S22 Series.

Since the beginning of 2022, Samsung has released many smartphones. both flagship models Galaxy S22 series and mid-range models that are selling as high as flagship models like All Galaxy A series making the smartphone market share of Samsung this yearrise again It’s also the highest growth in 5 years. and is expected to remain in this position until the fourth quarter of the year. 2022 this

The most important factor that makes the market share of Samsung has surged up like this. It is due to the world’s largest smartphone market like China. Affected by the lockdown in the country due to the epidemic of Covid-19 causes the overall mobile phone sales in China to slow down. But this problem doesn’t affect Samsung much because this brand is not popular in China.

Causing the market share of various Chinese mobile phone brands to decline while Samsung’s market share has increased from a large market in Latin America. and India itself (Last month, Samsung’s mobile phone was able to compete for the number 1 position from Xiaomi in the Indian market.)

for many reasons combined So Samsungcan occupy the share of the global smartphone market to 24% in April 2022 This is the 3rd month in a row that the market share of Samsung increased, including the 3rd month in a row in the year 2022 with being the number 1 smartphone brand in the world

this is not enough because it is also a statistic in the round 5 year of Samsung that can do this high market share The last time that the smartphone market share has soared was in April last year. 2017 think 25% of worldwide sales

As for the year-on-year growth of Samsung’s mobile phone market share, it was found that it increased by 9% compared to the same period last year.

Samsung market share soars in 5 years

way Counterpoint Research expected Samsung It will maintain its position in the second quarter of the year. 2022 In addition, the launch of Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Fold 4 During the third quarter, it should make sales of Samsung increased more than before

in the shore Apple foundhas a share of the smartphone market 15% In April 2022, although it still looks like a good number. But it’s the fourth month in a row that the share has dropped. since the end of the year 2021 onwards part Xiaomi has market share at 12% which has been relatively stable since September. 2021 already

but not sure The more anticipated iPhone 14 series is coming.Launched in September, it may bring Apple back to have a higher market share until it can overtake Samsung again.

source: phonearena