Samsung Home Hub, 8.4-inch tablet, one device, can control the whole smart home

At CES 2022, Samsung unveiled Samsung Home Hub A new solution in touch screen tablet form. For controlling and managing various electrical appliances in the home to increase convenience for users more than before. AI can be used with SmartThings to make the system understand the needs of users. Plus, it makes it easy to manage chores and other activities on a device that everyone in the house can share.

Samsung Home Hub It comes in an 8.4-inch tablet form that can be used on a docking station. or can be taken off and carried around the house There are two microphones and speakers each. Hear different alerts clearly, even when the device is far from the user. In addition, the Samsung Home Hub also supports Bixby voice commands.

The Samsung Home Hub can control all SmartThings appliances. Available from many categories, whether it’s Cooking, Clothing Care, Pet, Air Energy or Home Care Wizard, making it easier to use appliances because there are The Samsung Home Hub is a central control device.

The Samsung Home Hub will be sold first in South Korea. in the coming March Before it will be released in other countries, at this time there is no clear information and details that countries other than North Korea will use the Samsung Home Hub when.

source: samsung